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The Chicago Tribune has written a love letter to Canada, suggesting that we have taken that city by storm.

By:Curtis RushNews reporter, Published on Wed Feb 06 2013
The Chicago Tribune has written a love letter to Canada, suggesting that we have taken that city by storm.
In an editorial this week, the Tribune called out to our country for us to deliver what they so desperately want: our low gun crime, our Tim Hortons coffee, our oil and our stable banking system.
“We hope some of that good Canadian fortune rubs off on our city,” the editorial states.
Some of that good fortune was already delivered in the recent move of successful CFL coach Marc Trestman to the Chicago Bears of the NFL, fuelling Super Bowl dreams.
The editorial added that it wasn’t just Trestman’s appointment that has heralded Canada’s ascension to “Chicago cool.”
Poutine has now become a staple at many of Chicago’s trendiest eateries.
From the banking system to Canadian politics to our health-care system, the Tribune counted the ways that Canada is bigger than moose and maple leaves.
Even Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not exempt, although the editorial suggests that many Americans still don’t know who he is.
In calling our country a “rising star” among nations, the editorial says that “the tail is wagging the dog in North America” in economic activity, although it is good for both countries.
Here, then, are the top reasons that Chicago loves Canada.
· Canada’s banks are regulated and stable.
· Canada’s housing market never collapsed like it did in the U.S.
· Canada’s health-care system is the envy of the U.S.
· Canada is experiencing a gold-rush energy boom.
· The loonie trades at an equal value to the U.S. dollar.
· Canadian PM Stephen Harper is expected to ink a free-trade agreement with the European Union that will put pressure on the U.S. to do the same.
· While Chicago roots for its Blackhawks, half the team hails from Canada.
· Low rates of gun crime.
· Our sesame seed bagels, smoked meat and Tim Hortons double doubles.
· On a per-capita basis, Canada is one of the world’s most prosperous countries.

They left out the part about your not having anything to do at night…lol
Do media outlets still shut down in the evening ?

Watching Portalandia right now…almost Canada.:slight_smile:

Actually TV is pretty darn good these last 2 years or so. Even at 2 am. Thank you appletv2/xbmc, netflix, bell tv time zone surfing