Thank you FREA! FREA just bought a $500/month sponsorship in support of NACHI.TV.

Who is the hot chick in the photos? :smiley:
Model Paige Peters signs 3 year contract as new NACHI.TV reporter.

[size=3]Never mind!:smiley: [/size]

With FREA’s recent $500/month sponsorship, we’ve covered the cost of this publicity project for NACHI.TV and now the rest can go to financing the shows (which with travel, shooting, editing, and hosting cost about $6K per show to produce).

The UIV has also been leased by a major inspection franchise for their convention, will be in Vegas this weekend at the ITA show, and is slated to appear on several upcoming episodes of NACHI.TV


Where is the NACHI or InterNACHI & NACHI.TV insignia on the UIV?

Shouldn’t these be on it at all times?

Oh, don’t forget

Will it be brought out for paraides?

We’ll take any leftover spaces. Right now we need those spaces to sell to sponsors to support production of the show. These vendors are funny, you can offer them all sorts of sensible advertising opportunities such as and they all yawn. Stick a cute model in front of a crazy lookin’ vehicle and they all get interested.

The show’s popularity continues to climb slowly.

We’re taking the UIV to a NAR Convention and will swap out the logos just for that show to promote our members:,,,,,,,, etc.

As many of you know, I was a REALTOR for years. NACHI.TV is producing a few shows just for REALTORs which will indirectly market our members.