Thank you HIP 5.4

Every since HIP 5.4 came out, I am amazed how much quicker reports have been going.

I finally had a moment to sit down and tweak my template to take advantage of some of the 5.4 features.

Now my reports are super charged. And I don’t do short reports.

For example, this morning I did a house with a pool. I had a 60+ page report done right after a lunch break, and the entire afternoon to spend with my kids.

I feel like a whole new person now! My kids are happy I’m not always doing reports.

Big thank you to Dom and staff for all the improvements in 5.4.

And I’m looking forward to 5.5!

Thanks Ian!! I’m glad to hear things are working great for you and was excited to finally get a lot of those new features out. We have tons of new updates already done just waiting to get rolled out and a lot more in the works. I’ll be pushing out 5.4.5 shortly with a few fixes if you don’t have it already.