Thank you IBS! You've now probably ruined my business!

I wouldn’t have stuck with them this long, except when Roberta found out that I had been given a website with IBS she retracted her gift of a website.

That sound good Wendy.

Geeze. I was reading this earlier. Little did I know I’d actually need something like this. I don’t know if I have the money to get started again. Maybe I’m just not meant to do this. :frowning:

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Posts: 7876 Fri, Feb 20th, 6:08 PM Post subject: Free home inspection business MAKEOVER. Paid for by NACHI. NACHI is offering a home inspection business Makeover.

You’ll get free training to sharpen your skills and add new services, all tuition paid for, free set of home inspection tools and equipment, free signs, all new brochures, business cards, and flyers, free answering service, free accounting service, free legal assistance, help with marketing, free ads, shirts, a new professionally designed logo, free sales help, free truck signs, free mailings to sellers and real estate agents, a new custom website, new reporting software, free continuing education, free assistance during the inspection, new laptop, new printer, free coaching.

All paid for by NACHI.

We need a volunteer: A NACHI member who is struggling, not getting much work. Or a NACHI member who is churning dollars… working but not making much profit. Preferably a member who faces stiff non-NACHI member competition in his/her market. Not a newbie trying to go into the business though. I’d prefer a working inspector who is struggling.

Must be willing to allow us to document and post everything here. We want to show what we did and how it worked in great detail for others to enjoy and benefit from.

We are in negotiations with USA TODAY to cover this story from beginning to end, so if you are a very private person, its probably not for you. Long haired freaky people need not apply


Interested participants requested. All expenses paid. Email me at to discuss.


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Of course that is what I thought I had won when I got the IBS package. Crud.

Do you have long hair Wendy

as someone who was part of the IBS blunder and received one of their gift make overs, I understand where wendy is coming from… fortunately I never let them have any control over my website I already had… I let them build their site and I watched… the predicament Wendy is in guys is this is basically the only website she had and she promoted it along with IBS so this website is OUT THERE amongst the legions of realtors and such absolutely linked to her but leaving her without any recourse as to what is published on the site… she is linked to the site and the company has gone sour and dragging her down with it…

What she needs to do is hijack the damn site and gain control over it again… but i have no idea if that can be done… NACHI promoted IBS and should expend some of their clout and resources to bail her out of trouble… and whoever else is caught up in this mess… NACHI inspectors… MEMBERS are being hurt professionall and financially by IBS…

It was about down to my bra strap. I just cut it up to my shoulders.


Thank you Jeff. That is awfully nice of you to say. I think my luck may have finally run out though. :frowning:

IBS needs to be pressured into pulling the site down and or relinquishing control over to you…

where’s that colorado NACHI muscle when a member needs them???

It’s just a website Wendy.

If it’s the worst mistake you ever make in business, you will have been very fortunate.

It’s not just a website. They promised, cards, loans, flyers, marketing, full dashboard, human resources dept, phones, 800 package, everything.

Now this.

It’s really all I had. :frowning:

Did you say bra strap length. Wow

Oh well. If nothing else, I have 2000 posts.

Kinda sad though.

Yeah, I don’t know why I cut it. It was hot. :wink:

It’s really cute at this length though. It never looks like my hair is that long in the pic because it’s all pulled through the back of my NACHI hat. :slight_smile:

Cards: $30.00 for 2000 on Vistaprint

Loans: Talk to the bank.

Flyers: Print them yourselves or talk to a local printer.

Marketing: Press the flesh. All it costs is gas.

HR Dept: Why do you need one?

Phones: One cell with unlimited local minutes is all you need.

800 Package: Who needs it?

We all started somewhere Wendy. You can too. Go out and do some inspections, get the ball rolling. Before you know it, you’ll wonder what you wanted all that crap from IBS for in the first place.

Well, I know I can do it. I just didn’t want to have to start over. It’s a hassle, and not right.

But ya. I’ll quit boo hooing and just get on it.

That’s the right attitude.

When the world throws apples at you, make applesauce.:wink:

I’d rather have lemonade. :wink: :smiley:

Thats my Girl

:slight_smile: Thanks Gary. :slight_smile: