Wind mit class on Aug 4th

Who would like to meet up on Tuesday night in Jacksonville. I was planning on driving in on Wednesday morning but if a few want to get together I’ll stay in a hotel the night before.

Any takers?

I would like to, but I have 2 WM & 2 HI inspections and the last one is at 5:00, see you in class, In think Carl said he would buy lunch.

My last Wind mit is at 4:00, so I will not be there until at the earliest 8:00pm

If somebody would be willing to hold one in the Tampa area, or closer than Jax, that would be beneficial to lots of us I’m sure.

I second Mr Hernden…

I third that!

Jonathan Wilhelm

I would like to 4th that.

I would fifth that except i just returned from Yorks class in Jacksonville. The class is put together well and covers many of the grey areas - although they are still a little grey. I passed the final, although not with flying colors. There were around 50 people there, and I would bet that several did not score the 90 % that is required to pass. What is Yorks policy on re-taking the final if you don’t pass the first time?
Thanks for lunch John (Shishilla)!

I enjoyed it, your welcome, but you guys paid part.

Yeah, but it was the small part. My dad taught me how to do that. lol