Thank You, Mahalo, Gracias, Danku, Do je, Shukran...

Billy Boerner,

I just wanted to give you thanks in at least 6 different languages for your help the past 2-3 weeks on the webinars and especially for the last 2 evenings on 1 on 1!! I know you didn’t want me to post this but I felt compelled to do so after what you did for my website and my attitude with marketing! I totally turned my website over to you last night and honestly didn’t “fully” agree with everything…but then I woke up and today happened and the phone rang! 3 booked inspections based fully on my website and the exact changes that you made…as small as they were they were obviously powerful!
I have never been more happy and excited to spend $49 hour and looking forward to the December weekend webinars. You are made for this…Muchos Gracious Billy!!

very nice