Thank-you NACHI membership

A Huge Thank-You to the entire membership.

My laptop recently died (originally a NACHI one) and NACHI is providing me with a new one. This lap top is a necessity in handling the coutless requests, emails, and programs while I am on the road and is greatly appreciated.

Thank-you so very much.

In gratitude,

John Bowman
Executive Director,
National Association of
Certified Home Inspectors


Didn’t they tell you that the lap top was free, but there will be a Users’ Tax, collectable Monthly? Heeeeeheeeee:) :wink:


I hope everyone is making use of the Dell Discount that is so graciously offered to NACHI members. With other specials daily, one can get up to 35% off some orders.

Thanks NACHI. :slight_smile:

Get the new Panasonic. It is almost indestructable.

Even for you, John :wink: .

(Yeah, I am a smart butt. Can’t help it. Both my parents were.)

Will give one of to me I will prove that statement is incorrect. I am the master at crashing and breaking computers

Above is what happened to my Dell lap top last year. Not most the sensible thing I have ever done (or cheapest) but boy did it feel good](“”)