Thank You, Paul Abernathy

Having read and enjoyed your book that you co-wrote (with the late Gerry Beaumont) “How to Perform Electrical Inspections”, I knew that you were a wealth of good information…however, having recently viewed the NACHI TV course you taught on electrical inspections, I can fully appreciate your abilities to direct your technical expertise toward the scope of a home inspection in a manner that few have ever done.

I have read materials, posts and attended various seminars with electrical “code experts” who always fell short on relating the relevance of their knowledge to the real life experiences of a home inspector.

You have been able to provide a wealth of information in a very refreshing,interesting and entertaining manner that inspectors at all levels of experience can learn (or refresh themselves) from.

I hope you will continue to be accessible to us and look forward to more from you.

What Jim said X2

The NACHI TV course is very very good. Helps break things down nicely.

I just watched NACHI TV last night and I thought Paul Abernathy did a great job of cramming so much info into such a small time slot.

Paul Abernathy has always been there for me over the years to answer a question on the phone (even though he is a very busy man)!

Thanks again for the support and a job well done…

Paul has always taken the time to answer my phone calls. He has never belittled me if I had a dumb question. I own his book and it is well written, great referance. I have also watched Paul on Nachi TV. Excellant course.

Paul is great!! Thank you sir for your hard work!! You are a good man!!

Between Paul, Jeff Pope and INachi I feel I have a much better grasp on the electrical residential system.

Paul is a great Guy. That Video was pretty darn good and I advise all Inspectors to watch it. I have been a licensed Electrical Contractor since 1985 and I still found it quite helpful as an Inspector.



Thanks for taking the time to discuss my new home construction the other day. The information you provided for this project was very helpful and will make a difference in how the final outbuildings are arranged.

Thanks again. Greasy burger to you on your next trip…


Paul’s NACHI.TV episode is one of our best IMHO.

I agree.

It is not only full of relevant material…but presented in a fresh and entertaining way. Teaching is a separate skill that Paul seems to have mastered along with his technical expertise.

Looks like he kept Ben in stitches, using him as his Dr. Watson…LOL.:wink:

Reminder: I put together a time stamped table of contents together so you could review a specific topic at any time. Paul did a great job and I think it is a valuable tool to have.

You can find the time stamps at Nachi Electrical Inspections Videos

thanks Troy…very kind to share…

Absolutely Russel, just trying to give a little back.

Wow…I am just know reading this and I have to say…thanks Guys…And thank you james for all those kind words…always here to help…and my phone is always ready for the call if you ever need me.

Paul, after seeing this thread this afternoon, I viewed all three videos, and I have to say one word.

Outstanding! Educational Vidieo

Thank you and thank you Ben for that performance. :):smiley:

lol…I only did one for NACHI…:wink: Thanks Marcel… Those other electrical video guys are just players…lol…I like mine better…lol

what everybody else said the video is great