Thank you Seattle & Sacramento!

NCT (NACHI Certified Training) had a great turnout in both cities - Paul Abernathy - Master Electrician and Major Electrical Entertainer of the Year did a fantastic job! Both seminars received very high satisfaction ratings and we will be returning to these cities every 8 weeks. The next set of seminars will feature Kenny Hart, Master Plumber and Master Mechanical Contractor.

In reading all the great comments in the responses given to us after each seminar, the guys stressed over and over the high quality of the training and how well these events are organized. NCT has the ability to deliver the best home inspection training to anyplace on the planet…and we deliver at every educational seminar.

To all the guys and gals in Denver, Greenville, Seattle and Sacramento, thank you for giving NCT a try! It was an honor and a priviledge for us to be in your beautiful cities - we look forward to returning soon!

Also, thank you to Nick and Deanna for all your help and support - you guys are the best!

“Inspection Excellence Through Education”

We want to thank you for doing a great job in bringing in much needed CE all over the US. You have worked hard to try and bring the topics to everyone that they have requested. We recently (last Saturday) had the HVAC seminar with Kenny Hart and want to recommend it to everyone. If you get the opportunity to take the seminar please take advantage of it. The only complaint we heard about was the length of time he spent on boilers. We don’t have much of that on our area, so maybe he can tailer his seminar’s to the area in which he’s going to be teaching.

Paul Abernathy did a great seminar too here in August. Everyone we spoke to said he was one of the best instructor’s they had heard. We highly recommend the Electrical 101 seminar.

We really appreciate everything you, Nick, and the staff at NACHI are doing. It is always a pleasure having you guy’s come here and we hope you can come and stay a couple of days and see the area.

Amanda Cooley
S.C. Upstate Chapter NACHI
Cooley’s Home Inspection Service, LLC

What can i say…:)…:)…it’s a GIFT


Like a FINE WINE…the Bottle is empty…Glad Seattle and Sacramento had a chance to taste the excellence…:slight_smile:

Now it is BACK to the Ripple and Mad Dog 20/20…

Seriously however…great events SC.CA and WA…glad you all enjoyed them…Tom throws a GREAT event…and it is always wonderful to meet fellow like minded people…now…INSPECT THEM HOMES !!!