Thanks but no Thanks

Would you believe someone was actually living in this Hell hole.

Went to check out an investment property that was listed; for my out of state investor today the pic is of the house next door. The junker that I was sent to view had the foundation rolling out so bad had pulled the walls apart inside. Took about 15 seconds to call CA. and simply say you don’t want this one.

The door looks nice Charley…:lol:

Dale I’m floored!! That’s funny as He77!!:smiley:

Duffy I just about rolled out of my chair struck me funny.

Being the horse person I was taught when looking at a ugly horse never say out loud what you are thinking just find something even if it is just the tail. OH what a pretty tail your horse has???–))) Amazing how folks think alike


That shi+box reminds me of this shi+box house…

Sure enough could very well be on the same street

Distant twin relatives Charlie. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: