Thanks Home Gauge

Hey Great—I will be at the airport at 3:30 pm…when my plane arrives, me and my domestic partner (female) will be staying at the Bellagio

Hope to see you…!!

Speaking of hotels, check this out:
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I am waiting for version 5 of Inspectvue and am not happy

10 days til HomeGauge 4.0 release…be happy…life is good

(cmon Brian hop in…the water is warm)

Hi Russell!
Can you give us a cost for version 4.0?

Here is where the Gold or Platinum service has an added bonus. Its free to Gold and Platinum users. Otherwise the upgrade is $275

New Purchase is $795 (until Feb 08 )

Some FAQ’s:

HG 4 will download to a seperate location on your computer so you are not forced to go with 4 until you are ready.

Your template and reports remain the same and you can see them instantly in ver 4.

So many new features in this one: Line Drawings that you can create from, office features (light duty first release) with good stats, and ability to create and save letter templates that populate fields. etc. Better printing, better reports.

Stop it would you Russ…I’ll be deleting 2.0 if you keep me teasing here…:smiley:

lol. Thats funny…you were joking right?

That’s okay because you will love the new motor and paint.:cool:

Another feature in 4.0 is automatic updates.
Now when you open HG software it checks for updates automatically.

Also we have added seperate print settings. When you go to print or upload your report, you can create your own settings depending on what you want to do and then click on the setting you want. For instance, If I am going to print on site, I can add a setting and call it “on site” that I can select that will include my options (pics in the report or not in the report, pics in the summary or not, print in a special HomeGauge PDF built in the software) etc. Or, If I am uploading my report, I can choose a different setting called upload with pics included in summary and another without pics in the summary.

Instead of clicking the settings you want each time, you can now save these settings with a name for different situations.

Very cool. Can we control the auto update check if we wish? I hate it when I have to wait for software to timeout because I’m not connected to the internet…

You wont notice. It will just look to see if there is an update (2 seconds) and puts a notice in your menu line under Help/check for updates. Since it is a small task you wont be slowed down at all until you want to install the update.

I’ll hold you to that :shock::shock::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Please do. :wink:

HomeGauge has been instrumental to my inspection business and is a critical component in it’s ongoing success!

Thanks Russell, Sean and the HomeGauge team!

Thank you John and all of you for your support.

Another Feature in the 4.0 release is merging your auto-comment library with another HG user, or between your different templates. Simply open the template in HG and select template options/export template. It will create a file in My Doc that you can email another HG user or open a different template and select Template option/import and select that file.

And the release date issss ???:smiley:

4.0 is here! :wink: Get it now! :cool:

Existing HG users just need to sign in and download from the link. No need to fill out the trial info.

Gold and Platinum users get 4.0 FREE and will also find their new License key after signing in on left under "My License"

Remember that 4.0 will go to a separate location on your computer so it does not force you to switch from version 3. 4.0 will read your existing templates and reports automatically.

HomeGauge will be back in the office on the 26 December.

Merry Christmas from HomeGauge


I used 4.0 for yesterdays inspection, I’m really impressed, this software with all the options available is simply remarkable.

OK…now I hope Sean takes a year or two sabbatical so I can engineer my brain from 2.0 to 4.0…:-&

Just kidding, but man do I like it…!!!..:lol:

Have a great Christmas and New Year…!!!

The InterNACHIGauge version will be released soon. Meanwhile, you can download the HomeGauge 4.0 standard and add the InterNACHI logos and templates here!

Thanks Dale! There are many little things in 4.0 as well that you will discover as you go along that make reporting easier.

Happy Holidays to you!

I found many last night playing with it after I did the report.

And I was thinking, I believe I first purchased HomeGauge in 03 and my clients always complimented me on what a professional looking, and easy to read report I continued to provide them with…well in the last few months I have also been receiving many, many compliments about my reports, especially from commercial real estate investors who have been used to the 100+ pages of non-sense they have been receiving from their old inspectors which they do not use their services any longer.

I think in the last week alone I have received six emails from real estate agents and the investors thanking me for such a great report which is SO EASY to understand.

They love the reports loaded with pictures, with what is wrong typed into the picture at the location in the report where it belongs, not at the end or some other obscure location, simply making the reports “Idiot Proof”…!!

No one calls asking what does this or that mean, I only receive calls thanking me, and it sure makes me feel good knowing I provided the best report using the best software available to make it happen…truly amazing…!