Thanks Nick for the fast reply

Getting my truck lettered up, decided to fix the rusty rocker panels and letter it rather than get a new one, so off with the vehicle magnets and on with real lettering/wrap.

I emailed Nick, my vehicle graphics guy needed a different file type for the InterNACHI and CMI logos. I had the file type in about 15 minutes!

Not that it takes long to do, but thanks for getting on it FAST! Truck is scheduled for next Wednesday.

Sounds awesome Mike. Can you forward me the CMI graphics Nick you?

We try to live up to our email address:

Awesome, how much does a truck wrap cost?

Always a fast reply. Thank you!

Depends on size of vehicle and complexity of graphics. How much is a house?

a FULL wrap is about $3800. I’m doing the doors, side of the bed, tailgate for about $700. Don’t really need roof, hood and front fenders for the price difference. The shop I’m going to is doing some vinyl, some 3M wrap.

You’ll have a free, mobile billboard for your inspection company.

Billy, I sent it over.

That’s the idea, beats magnets too. Drives the wife nuts when I park for visibility rather than walk to the door of the business…

The thing that worked really well for me was a brochure holder that I hung on my van. It said “take my free brochure.” And wherever I parked… people did!

I’ve seen the weatherproof business card holder, not yet seen a brochure holder…