Thanks St. Nick (Gromicko)

Thank you Nick @gromicko and the InterNACHI Staff for putting on the Christmas party.

All I Want for Christmas Is to get my CMI® certification.

Chaarles Sapienza II, CPI
SCS Construction Services Inspection Division
P.O. Box 34901
Los Angeles, CA 90034


OK. I bought it for you personally. I just sent MICB $2,500.00 in your name. When you qualify, it’s yours.

Merry Christmas.


You are a generous man Nick! I am saving to get the CMI certification next year.

Jay Otis, CPI
S & J Property Services
Columbia Falls, ME

Wow!! Thank you so much Nick

I meet the qualifications already. I’m ready!

Merry Christmas @gromicko

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OK, so email and let her know. You’ll still have to submit all your info to her to approve, but your fee is paid.


Will do! Thanks again @gromicko!
You just made my 2020!
See you in Ontario 2020!

(Thank you Nick gromicko ande InterNACHI all peoples Staff

All I Want for Christmas Is to get my CMI certification.)

me too too too

You are my Santa(nick)
당신은 나의 산타클로스 할아버지시군요(Korean expression)

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This is on the list for many of us Kim.

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Holy hell. I wish!