Logging our inspections

Does INACHI have a link to log all our inspections?
I thought i found a link to something like that a while back but cannot find it anymore.


no log that I am aware of…

What inspection software do you use???

InterNACHI’s FetchReport (free uploading system) logs them for you.

I was going to say this Nick but I don’t use it!
Man your guys Computers must be bulging at the seams.

I’m using a stupid program. I wouldn’t call it a software as it’s just word doc. with macros.
But I recently bought HIP. I know I can upload the reports to Dom. server.

My question ins’t really about logging/saving the report, but saving the client info/date of inspection.
TREC has PDF log sheet, so I’ve made an excel sheet out of it but I thought I had found something on NACHI that allowed us to do that.

I just went through the process for FetchReport, but I that’s not what I had found earlier.

SOOOO, I might have been on a different website.
Could it be in the CMI part?
I think at the time I was looking into that (I’m not even close to becoming a CMI, but I was curious about the requirements) and found someplace where I could log in client name-address-inspection date.

Anyway, thanks for Y’All’s input!

Roughly 1,600 reports get uploaded to InterNACHI’s FetchReport system every day.

Just load it in Google calendar as it is searchable and syncs well with maps,tasks,email,etc.

No need for a special program.

You can save it for off line use but can access from any other devise.

I use Home Inspector Pro to upload my reports. I would of lost portions of my reports but thanks to Dom’s server and HIP my reports are saved if I ever have a problem with my PC.

Thanks Bob!

Not being a speed typist I prefer to not have need for duplicating info anymore than needed.

Just fill out fully at home or on the go from your smart phone.
They keep upgrading the thing and you can now associate files/PDF’s with it.

Use color codes for all your work related stuff or have a separate calendar under a different name as that is allowed also.

Add tag words for easy look up under “search” to group items much the way you would with bookmarks…

There are some very powerful marketing advantages (above integration) to using FetchReport, InterNACHI’s online inspection agreement system, and InspectorPages… coming soon.

avatar_2.png This little guy does it all for you.


Can’t go wrong. :):smiley: