Paul W. Abernathy - NEMA Field Representative

Hello Everyone,

Over the past 8 years I have been an electrical code consultant to NACHI and the membership. I have always been available for phone calls, emails and so on. Effective on 3/26/2012 I will be starting a new job with NEMA. In doing so I will sadly no longer be able to express my personal views and opinions as a consultant or on any message board type forum. I wanted to thank all of the wonderful members of NACHI for the many years of support and friendships. I hope to see you all again down the road and most of all keep it SAFE.

Congratulations Glad for you and sad for us .
I wish you all the best … Roy … I will miss you

Congrats and if you get here in SW Florida, look me up!

I was asked to take a 40 hour a week job with the state of Missouri investigating traffic accidents. It was very good pay, good benefits and very tempting. If the State did not reduce the benefits for new hires, I would have given it better thought. I guess I have been self employed for too long.

Going miss you, Paul

Your presence, expertise, and gift for teaching will be dearly missed here Paul.

Here’s to your continued success throughout your career!

Oh no the Electrical section is going to go down hill for sure! I guess we have to find someone that has less knowledge to take your place, that is a tall order to fill and you will be missed by many InterNachi Inspectors.

Kevin…I am sure this section has experienced new electrical experts come and raise the electrical knowledge bar. You guys always have a place in my heart and I will come by from time to time.

NEMA’s gain is iNachi’s loss. You will be missed. Best wishes.

Best of Luck on your new path Paul…

Congratulations Paul! You will be missed.

Good luck to you, Paul, and thanks for the written and videotaped library of information that you are leaving behind.

Congratulations on your new position, Paul! You will bemissed here.

Thanks for all your help and best of luck to you

Congrats Paul.

Stop in here from time to time and let us know how you are doing.

Will never forget you being there when I stated out and called you from the field nervous I was forgetting something.
Also remember you creating a Bonding presentation from a Baseball game.

Most of all thanks for all the help right here on the forum.

You deserve to make some $$$$.

Congratulations Paul and best of luck on your new endeavor. I’m sure that it will be challenging and different to say the least. :cool:


Actually…I accepted an offer but I don’t start work with them for 2 weeks so I am still with the City of Alexandria.

What about the video archives and the lastest webinar will they still be up?


I will try to make them all available by posting them on a download site and letting you know the web address to download the lessons.