The definition of laziness...or something ( question here)

Couldn’t believe this…coax between the fixture and the light bulbs. Florescent or not, it’s still incredibly stupid! This was one of the least dangerous electrical issues in this house. Some homeowners shouldn’t mess around with any wire!

May cause the bulbs to break but not hot enough to melt the covering more than likely.The guess here is that the cable was originally run across the floor and he did not have enough wire to go above on the ceiling ,fasteners,or know how to cut and splice the cable.

Most Cable companies charge very little to run it for you.

They got it above the drop ceiling and the light was only hung by chains! Here are some other fun ones from this house…




Its really a damn wonder there are not several thousand times more electrical fires than there are…:shock:

Some of the things I see, just shake my head wondering how could this not have burned down already.

In another thread a comment was made about changing the SOP. Here is a good example of where, in my opinion the SOP needs to address calling in the local building official for their evaluation of the system. To simply state that it needs to be evaluated by an electrician will not get the proper repairs done unless the owner sees the danger. The electrician cannot force the repair.

This would force the repairs should they want to keep power to the premises. I know, this will not happen but it is still my opinion.

Many of the homes in this area (Detroit metro) have gone vacant and are required to have a city inspection when they are occupied again. This house was one of those. Due to these and some other issues my client (wisely, IMO) walked away. Homeowner electricians scare me…