Their coming..............-;)

I received an email from News/wire with a link to their website…:shock:

This is the outfit……:twisted:

Check out the prices…Mind-Boggling----------:twisted:

Prices from the 80’s…for 2012…:twisted:

I see their setting up shop in Phoenix too…:stuck_out_tongue:

Prolly have all the “Will inspect for food Inspectors” jumping all over this opportunity----:lol:

More goofballs everyday.
Imagine how little the guys working for them make?

No way a client would be happy and they will be gone before they are here.

That’s all we need. Then again if they locate here they’d probably help my business eventually.

And they want to come to Seattle as well? I am sure they will love it. About 90% of the homes have crawl spaces. Very little slab on grade. They would definitely need to adjust their price structure to operate up here.

Lowball pieces of crap. :roll:

I personally like lowballers it makes it so much easier to sell my services.

You’re 100% correct Russ…

Additionally, having a huge amount of referrals is the only way to make any money doing home inspections.

A person could have the best looking website on the net, have all the credentials to inspect anything known to man, but without referrals, it doesn’t work.

I remember the days when it was tough to get what I felt my services were worth, but in time it all comes together.

You give everyone 110%, in time, your prices are not a concern to people who want a good inspection, they expect to pay a premium price.

New inspectors must understand this.

They really should fix the Nachi Logo that verifies membership lol

I agree with Russ as well, the concerning customer will see right through this big box concept. Most of the people that call us are well educated and for the most part ask a lot of good questions. Not saying that there are not shoppers out there, but as always they get what they pay for. Happy Holidays !

I could have sworn I saw a post which said Ben did not sell Mountain Warranty in Florida…though most of the home warranty companies had been run out of the state. Anybody else offering Mountain Warranty in FL?

I have seen many of these POP up companies, When you dig behind the scenes you will find one guy will a “Dream”

The only POP up inspection company I seen make it was “Pillar To Post” - However that was started by a Canadian Guy who had some serious funds behind him. He did it right and then sold it off for Billions.

This has a issue already - You get what you Pay for! Cheap inspectors will make mistakes and the Image will get messed up


I agree with you Russ.
Speaking of which, I just did an inspection where the Clients said to me on the phone, this guy will do it for $225 and he is a contractor". I told them to look at the other inspectors report and then mine. They did and called back and asked, “How soon can we do this”?:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

There is no such company called Mountain Warranty.

“Mountain Association”… *"*The Mountain Inspection Support Association is a non-profit organization whose charter is to help educate inspectors and help them prepare for and limit complaints, and support them in the case where a complaint was unavoidable. For more information about us, please contact us."

Could anyone imagine inspecting a Mobile Home for $129.00…?

Lets say they get $29.00 of the inspection fee…:stuck_out_tongue:

Now, could anyone imagine inspecting a Mobile Home for $100.00…?

I’m laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes-----:lol:

I wonder if that includes Double-Wides…?

Maybe Double Wides are $179.00…less than 2000 sf naturally----:lol:

If I were to inspect a mobile home, and I rarely do, the cost is higher than a 4,000 sq ft home. Maybe that is why I don’t book many of those…I don’t want to!

After looking at their “headquarters”](,+FL+34951&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x88def45291feb3f9:0xa03a3dcfa49299fb,7502+Donlon+Rd,+Fort+Pierce,+FL+34951&gl=us&ei=RubwTom9FtL1gAeCtJC3Ag&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CB4Q8gEwAA)I don’t think this company is much of a threat yet.


Pleasee excuse me, Jeffrey, “Mountain Association”. Still, I was advised it was not being sold in Florida. I will contact you to find out.

7 Photos
7204 Donlon Rd, Fort Pierce, FL

  • House For Sale:$49,000

  • Price Cut: $6,000(Dec 3)
    Zestimate®: $44,000
    Mortgage: $227/mo

  • Beds: 2
    Baths: 2.0
    Sqft: 1,123
    Lot: 10,480

  • Days on Zillow: 42
    Built: 1975
    Single Family
    Price/sqft: $43

Corporate HQ for Sale

They do not sell warranties, or home warranties, or whatever you call them in your part of the world, so this is a non-issue, whether Florida or not.

Btw… don’t bother contacting me, contact them. I have no affiliation to them, other than being one of the many, many customers of theirs.

Good Job Bill-------Now that’s some funny stuff! I guess he is moving up fast ! :shock:

That’s not the address listed on their site.