The fee for CMI goes to $2,500.00 soon.

FYI: The fee for the CMI (Certified Master Inspector) professional designation goes to $2,500.00 on December 31, 2013.

I am smiling.

So if I have under 1,000 inspections (200) how many CEs do I need?

I’m guessing 2500.

The basic requirements are staying the same: 3 years in biz, no violent felonies, and a combination of inspections/CE hours that tops 1,000.

It’s only the fee that is going up to $2,500.00 the first of the year.

Can I get it on layaway :wink:


Sheehan to make it clear the intent of being a Certified Master Inspector has only part of it as the amount of Inspections. Of course it can be true that someone could have Inspected 1000 homes without taking any training at all. I highly doubt they could still be in business after 3 years. Combining Education to the mix makes it that much better to be the Best of the Best. Continued Education by InterNachi is the only easy way to succeed as a Inspector, getting passed 800 hrs of Home Inspection related material will always be hard to achieve.

Well I was trying to hold off till after the Ontario licensing was finalized but I guess I will get my application in now and trust that a CMI will be grandfathered in.

Even if it does not you will soon see how great a move you made.
We where never sorry and it did help our business big time.

I pulled this up when someone questioned the grandfathering already Doug.

Put it this way I would rather belong to 1 Association that has the best training on line and in classroom. Since the training for a Licensing in BC has been approved and the mentoring is being done by CMI’s, there really is no doubt in the eyes of the Government.
Since there are no issues with any “Certified Master Inspectors” in the court that I have heard of, at least here in Ontario I would say that the problem might be somewhere else.
Since Home Inspections are not designed to be technically exhaustive according to the SOP, I would have a problem with someone making it that way.
I have been told this by Clients on many occasions that this is just not what they are looking for.
Courts only care about one thing that you treated the Client with the most respect possible and you did the job to the best of your ability.
That being said just because you have been a Home Inspector for many many years does not make you the best. Each has to continually educate themselves to be the best.
Both CMI and InterNachi provide the best training for SOP.
From You can now become a CMI for nothing down and $41.66/month for 24 months. - Page 3 - InterNACHI Inspection Forum You can now become a CMI for nothing down and $41.66/month for 24 months. - Certified Master Inspector (CMI) Discussion - InterNACHI®️ Forum

When did CMI start providing training? Is the training included with the original application fee, Or is that extra? Where and how can I register for CMI training?

I’m with Juan on the layaway question.

Well as far as I can tell John is is still providing training, so is George and through Ben, Nick is providing Education. If you are involved with any 4 you are getting trained by CMI.
If you are in Canada you are being provided training by CMI’s in Alberta and Calgary. When the time comes you will also be provided training by CMI’s selected to do so for the Licensing in Ontario.
At one point Joe was providing training but I can’t be sure of this now.
Paul as we now is just training Electrician’s.:shock::mrgreen:
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Oh that’s the “CMI Training” you’re talking about. I/You could say the same about many here that “train” that are not CMI’s, and are equally or in some cases more knowledgeable.

At one point on the CMI website there was a list of approved training. This has been removed, but you are correct there are many avenues to receive education. Only the Board can approve of it as being part of the requirements of Education towards qualifying to be a CMI.

I agree with both Kevin and Roy it will help the business and holding a Certified Master Inspector says it all.

You shouldn’t apply just to get grandfathered IMHO. That’s not enough of a reason to drop a grand. You should do CMI because it pays (you’re in business to make money, no?)… not just to get grandfathered.


When is it going to $2500?