The fee for CMI goes to $2,500.00 soon.

December 31, 2013


Just think of all that can be done with the extra cash to help get the word out.

You can’t be that naive.

Below copied from:

The MICB is aware that its application may appear to technically permit a theoretical applicant who has been in the inspection business for more than three years and completed more than 1,000 hours of Continuing Education, but oddly never performed an actual inspection to mathematically fulfill the MICB’s application requirements. Although such a theoretical applicant has never applied for the CMI professional designation, the Board reserves the right to deny any experience/education-lopsided application, should one ever be received

How would one know?


Just out of curiousity Nick,
1-How much interest would you charge for the layaway?
2-How much time would you give the inspector to pay the $1K off before you refund the money and the fee goes up to $2.5K?

I am Still looking.
Yes NICK did offer a payment system so all can get in at the existing price I think there is no interest charged .

I do not think any time restrictions where announced .
He also did offer those who are not close to the 1,000 requirements the same offer so when they made the CMI requirement they too would become a CMI at the existing price .
He also offered a money back guarantee if not satisfied he would refund all your money .
If any are wanting to be a CMI in the future my opinion now is the time to make the move .
He who hesitates will pay the higher prices .

Re: You can now become a CMI for nothing down and $41.66/month for 24 months.
A new payment option is offered to those wishing to be a Certified Master Inspector. ](

$41.66/month for 24 months, nothing down, 0% interest, the professional designation is good forever, no annual dues.

The option is offered when you apply here:

From You can now become a CMI for nothing down and $41.66/month for 24 months. - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

  1. 0%.
  2. As long as you need.

What a deal any one who thinks they are in this industry to stay .
Should get their CMI application in immediately .

Those who snooze loose for sure .
$1,000;00 in payments now or $2,500;00 after New Years Day

I know already I am glad I did it and can definitely see some good advertising coming up. 8073 home inspectors in fl 83 counting me CMI :slight_smile:

So I pay $1,000 now for my CMI when eligible in 20 months (July 2015)?

Yes but I think you can make it in less than 12 months.

Sheehan, yes, but just hold on to your $1,000. We’ll get it when you qualify in 2015.

Sorry Nick! I did not see that he just started so you still have the 20 months to go.

Always taking care of members no matter how long they have been here :smiley:

Sheehan If I were you I would save 5 or 10 off every inspection you do and the second you qualify take Nick up on his offer. You will bee a lot better off than the guys that did not get his personal offer.

Thanks a lot Nick! I truly appreciate the offer. I will start saving.


Silly question, but when one becomes a CMI, they still have to pay dues to InterNACHI right?

I love resurrecting dead threads!!

Only if you want to be a member.