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Any minute now I bet you macneish will come here and add his BS comments about the subject.
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Some quotes on my website from IAQ experts:
From the [FONT=Courier New, Courier, mono]***[size=]MOLD REPORTER***[/size][/FONT] (An Online Journal) in an article titled “2002 Air Quality in Review”

•• John Bower, owner, The Healthy House Institute, Bloomington, Ind.:
"The worst thing that has happened to the indoor air quality marketplace in the last year or so is mould. This is because much of the media coverage is designed to sensationalize the topic and frighten the public - so much so, that the word ‘mould’ always seems to be preceded by the adjective ‘toxic’. Thus*, homeowners and building managers are scared to death** of any minor infestation that might possibly be toxic mould, and they often ignore other health issues, such as combustion byproducts, VOC’s, second-hand tobacco smoke and poor ventilation."*

•• Dr. Joseph Lstiburek, president, Building Science Corp., Westford, Mass.: "The biggest news is the insurance people getting out of covering mould claims. This is great news because the easy money is gone. Now we are dealing with real money——yours and mine; insurance money was always viewed as someone else’s. Now, attorneys are wary of taking mould cases on contingency. They actually have to work for their money" (and you still have to pay them whether you win or lose- our comment)

•• Larry D. Robertson, president and CEO, Mycotech Biological Inc, Jewett, Texas: "As industry leaders, our failure to have in place an appropriate outlet for public knowledge and education has resulted in* gross misrepresentations and misunderstandings of basic Indoor Air Quality fundamentals." ***

Other quotes:
"If you see it or smell it, you do not have to test for it. It is more important to get rid of the mould rather than spend a lot of money trying to find out more about it***.***" (by sampling and identifying the species of mould- our comment) Dr. Joe Lstiburek, P. Eng., Phd…; Building Scientist and principle at Building Science Corporation (Website:

Why Air Sampling Results Are Undependable
By Jim H. White, Former senior researcher at CMHC
The problem with most air sample methodologies is that they take a “snapshot” of a highly variable measurement. Several studies have shown that the number of viable spores in a building, at a given location, varies by orders of magnitude over a few days to weeks. This is due to changes in weather (and the way air moves through the building), changes in colony condition (moisture and food availability, energy available for sporulation, and so on), etc. Sampling outcomes are also highly dependent on the specific location of the sampling, especially if the mould is growing.”

Looks like the words of these folks in 2002 were right on. Mould was here before us and none has been proven to be toxic yet. It’s appearing to be more of an allergic reaction in healthy people…1 in 4 or 5 people is allegic to something, so allergy to mould would be expected in the general population!!!

BTW, how did you get a Golder Associates document. Do or did you work for them? I ask because a high school friend is president of the overall operation. Quite a Canadian company…6500 people consulting around the world.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]He will tell us that in 1926 he was investigating Mold issues with the Federal Government of Canada and that he was working with a prominet Industrial Hygienist!! [FONT=Comic Sans MS]His usual Bull:roll:[/FONT]****

What did I tell you:roll:

Too bad your memory is so bad or… you can’t control your wild imagination!!!

BTW, why did you choose bold "Comic sans MS" as your new script?? I use [FONT=Comic Sans MS]comic (**get it??) **for special occasions only like:[/FONT]



You obviously have special “powers”. [FONT=Verdana][size=2]Why the hell are you using an IR imager…try harder, you may be able to see through walls as some IR ads insinuate. Maybe there is more $$$$ to be earned in fortunes or reading tea leaves!!! You obviously have another profession to move to if the RE market continues tanking.[/size][/FONT]

What am I going to do next???

"What am I going to do next???"

Put the hind end of bulls out of business ? I’m just sayin’ . . . .

God, you and your right hand only know for sure!

Have you spoken with Keith Swift yet? He has a Phd. and surely can get you past the grade 8 schoolyard mentality!!

And it’s all free here at INACHI…even the psychological counselling!!

Some quotes from Keith about this type of language on these boards:

“but in a quasi-sexual and juvenile manner appropriate to your nature and limited intelligence, but which sadly tarnished the good name of NACHI.”
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]You keep referencing Keith Swift, WHY? Do you even know the man? Or do you use his name to add credibility to your posts? Not working BTW, Keith Swift is a true NACHI member; he would not associate with scum like you.[/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]BTW Your posting days are done here at NACHI. You have proven over and over that you are a has been in this industry and contribute zero to the advancement of the profession.[/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Go find a new MB to boast about your 1926 adventures.[/FONT]

I wonder if Dr. Keith Swift knows about his Phd. lol

Here it comes, wait for it…

It must be a long post, he usually responds faster.:shock:

Yes! We had about an hour long mid-day conversation in June or July last year about the issue of “Healthy Housing”, building materials, IAQ, etc and how much has been devleoped in the field already. He was quite surprised as he had never heard of the healthy housing concept and was intrigued enough that he posted later on the MB that I should give Nick a call!!

From your last post:
I wonder if Dr. Keith Swift knows about his Phd. lol

BTW, when a person has a Phd. in Literature as Keith Swift has, they then are called “Doctor”, no medical training needed…LOL back!!!

From his website:

Keith Swift - The Writer
Keith Swift was born and raised in England, but immigrated to the United States and lives with his family in Northridge, California. He has a doctoral degree in English, and has written numerous articles and taught at several universities in the United States and Canada. He is a general contractor, a building inspector, the President of Porter Valley Software, and the Vice-President of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. He has given seminars and lectures across the United States and Canada, specifically asset protection.

The red is called a Phd. or “Doctor of Philosophy”

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]What took you so long to post? Ah, Google again, how stupid of me.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Another words, get a life boy!!![/FONT]

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You’re learning well from Nick, Mary!! You didn’t even comment or respond to the previous post and went directly to purposeful “thread drift” otherwise known as “change the subject” …get me the hell out of the hole I just dug!!!

I’m quite sure you were quizzing me on Dr. Keith Swift, Phd. but when I posted of having spoken to him and of his attempt to get me to contact Nickey, suddenly you went faint, failed to remember what you were discussing and rambled off into the ether…get with it! Call Keith, he can help you in logical thinking and get you out of the grade 8 school yard you seem stuck in!

Good Luck!!

I only see one hole and so do most others!!:wink:

Did you notice that the “thread drift” (Mary’s post #2) began AS I was typing my post and before I posted! Maybe you can ask your esteemed ESOP member “What’s up?”. He makes it so easy!!!