The house with no issues

There is one and some day we might be able to inspect it but for right now if you find a home with no problems you are either a new inspector or you better look again.


I found it! The house with No problems. The seller and sellers realtor told me so when they said they were going to sue for my 52 page report that killed there deal.

Yep, Thats what a builders rep said when I inspected a clients newly built 750,000 home. 46 items/some code violations that the builder says “the county passed it”…What ever dude.

my 2cents

I killed 2 deals in one month

I did an inspection on a house owned by a fellow inspector (not a Nachi member but a very nice guy). His house was almost perfect. It was only three years old and the guy was meticulous. I found a doorbell xformer double tap in the panel - that’s it!


Paul - I agree, a double tap is still a double tap. That was the only thing I could find wrong. The owner was a HI and former Electrician. We had an intersting conversation about the tap. I think I used your suggestion about pigtailing the tap in my report.

The Sparka Nostra!!!:smiley:

lol…Excellent…lol…Sparka Nostra…LOVE IT…:slight_smile: