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Hi. HAs anyone seen the new realty show on the learning channel? It is a perfect show for home inspectors, if you have not seen it the name is “This House Must Go”. I found it Sunday and was amazed. They had two home buyers on that had purchased houses that were absolute disasters after they moved in. One was purchased for $260,000.00 and had to be completely gutted on the inside at a cost of over $100,000.00 and the other cost $89,000.00 and had plumbing and bat infestation issues that cost $69,000.00 to resolve. Well both buyers said on the air that they had tried to save some money and not get the $400.00 home inspection that would have found these problems, and now they see how wrong it was to not have it done. What free advertising for all home inspectors. I am going to try to find out if I can get some copies of the shows on CD or DVD and use them at the realtor sales meetings I go to. If I do get them I will offer copies to all.

I’ll take a copy please.:smiley:

Have you seen the show Holmes on Homes, he is a good contractor redoing problem projects and has on several shows talked highly of home inspectors.

It sure would be nice if Nick could get him into NACHI and to get him as a spokesman for NACHI. (Hint, Hint)

It would also be nice if NACHI could sponsor one or both of those shows… Or even some of those other shows like the one “Flip This House” with the Real Estate Co. from SC. NACHI could pay the Home Inspection Fee for a NACHI member to do the HI & get some plugs for NACHI Member Inspections. (Member would give the inspection fee to the NACHI Foundation or something)

Nick, I see opportunity here.

He will be speaking at the CAPHI convention in Alberta later this year.
He has just signed a long term contract with Home Depot Have no idea how this will change things .
He has a large following in Canada.
He Lives in Toronto and has no use for many poor contractors .
He also feels all home inspectors should be a general contractor for at least 10 years before they can do inspections .
Ain’t going to work Mike .
Roy Cooke …

Actually I found out today a client of mine whose new house I inspected sold his house to Mike Holmes up in this area.

A couple of months ago I received an e-mail from a woman in NY looking for an HI to host a new TLC show about people who purchased homes with out having an HI.

The concept was to have the HI inspect the house, come up with a list, choose an item/project to have the HO fix/repair, pick an item to have a Sub fix/repair, come up with a plan of action to correct the defects and keep the house maintained. The name above does not ring a bell, but maybe it is the new show?

I interviewed for this show and then didn’t hear back from it. It could be. :slight_smile:

There was casting call up in Toronto (HGTV) a couple of years ago for a TV show about home inspections. I went to the casting session, but the show never seem to get off the ground. Never did hear anything more, nor did anyone else that went to the casting session.

Ah, Mr. DeMille . . . I am ready for my close up now.:shock:

When I asked for a chauffer driven car and a suite at the Royal York, and bon bons in the room I think they had second thoughts. :wink:

I was a shoo in for that part until they saw my headshots… :wink:

The second home I was speaking of was from Columbia SC. She ( the Buyer ) was also featured on a radio show out of Columbia and unfortunately for her she was the " Worst Possible Home Deal of the Week" winner.