The liars at Environmental Safeguard Professionals, Inc.

I am looking for anyone as foolish as I who signed up with these guys, became a “cehi” and now anyone who uses Porter Valley Software. a year and a half ago I was contacted by these people who seemed to have a good plan and PROMISED ME they were launching a HUGE nation wide marketing campaign that would bring in TONS of work. It seems to have changed into a scheme to process our inspections, skim money off from doing that while the inspectors do the marketing. It cost a lot to “join” the group even though I was already qualified to do all the stuff they talk about doing. They’ve now purchased Porter Valley Software in a further attempt to inject themselves into the HI business. It seems to me the real agenda for these cretins is to try and monopolize the home inspection business and make us work for them. I would warn anyone away from this organization and welcome contact anyone else with similar experience. Together possibly we can do something about these (*&^%&^(&^ artists! :mad:

Now I have to “renew” my PV software subscription with these prks even though I was promised an update on PV’s commercial product almost 2 years ago. NO WAY, ENOUGH is enough. I would encourage anyone out there not to give these people any money under any circumstances. -X

PV Software has always been overrated. The first 40 or so pages of an inspection report containing nothing but disclaimers does little but make the inspector look paranoid.

There are plenty of good software alternatives. Try them, free. Pay for the one you like best.

I know. It’s the only game in town for me on the commercial end. Nothing else really compares. for home inspections lots of them are better. I think Home Gauge is about the most efficiant. They have a Commercial reporting system but it’s not very comprehensive.

I believe HIP has commercial templates also.

We have 2 commercial templates and more in the works. HomeGauge also has commercial templates. Shoot me an email Scott if you have any questions.

I would like to “Follow up” on what Dominic just offered. Give Home Inspector Pro a shot, You will be impressed with Dom, it will be the total reverse experience of what you just had. If you Download the trial, and don’t like it, you are out nothing.