The "NACHI Tapes": A Solution?

I just got back from our State meeting, and some good things were discussed.

Anyway, if it’s come down to the retiring Executive Director and the Ethics Committee Chairman suspending each other (last I’ve heard) and who all knows what else over tape[s] that may or may not exist, as nobody seems to actually admit to hearing it/them -

How about they step aside, cool heels, let this all get sorted out by whomever, and have Nick, who (anyone’s politics aside) does have Executive Director experience, just step in and provide some unity in this organization?


This just needs to end. I have a feeling they were the watergate tapes.


This is a public forum.

No one really cares, and nothing will happen that Nick doesn’t want to happen. This is the direct result of no clear leadership. IMO…No one cares as long as the train keeps rolling and the money is flowing. It’s becoming more aparent everyday that people here are just opportunist looking for a free ride on the backs of the membership of NACHI. Live by the sword and die by the sword I guess.

So whats the point? Who really gives a rats a s s? Only the people struggling for a piece of the pie cares, and I’m not one, so I could give a ****!

I do give a ****, but I think that Nick is a poor choice as he is a polarizing figure. He divides as often as he unifies, and he lacks the demonstarted ability to plan or organize effectively. These are the two most important elements in NACHIs future success or failure (IMO) and I think we should keep in mind what we need going forward. Strong leadership with a clearly defined goal, mission and plan.

Nick has his strengths, to be sure, but clearly defined goals, missions, and plans are not among them.

Gentlemen, please check out the threads in Members only



OK, but I refuse to let some ideas go uncahllenged - especially in public forums.

The issue was brought to light by Joe Farsetta in the Open Forums.

Resolution should also be brought about in the Open Forums.

This has my vote!

sorry Joe I happen to strongly disagree, NACHI business is just that.

If Joe wishes to drag NACHI through the mud so be it, but don’t expect me not to point out the issues.






I agree with the choice of Joe Hagarty.

I believe the future of a successful NACHI does not include Nick Gromicko as leader. He is a marketing genius who’s time has come and gone. NACHI needs a leadership who does not view venom against the establishment as the way to achieve its goals. We need leadership who can articulate a vision for the organization outside of hatred for ASHI.

Good Evening Mark;

I’ve read a couple of your posts today. They seem to have two things in common. Your fondness of ASHI and your dislike for Nick. Are there underlying issues with regard to both?

Here in California ASHI is not the industry leader. CREIA is pretty well known, but appears to be less dominant over the past couple of years. I am or have been members of four boards of realtors, International Code Council, International Conference of Building Officials, National Contractors Association, National Association of Home Builders and the American Petroleum Institute. None of these organizations have given me the bang for my buck that NACHI has.

Am I completely thrilled with the way NACHI is currently being operated? Of course not. On the other hand, I’m not thrilled with the way our country is currently being operated either, but it’s the best game on the planet and I’m not giving up on it or NACHI anytime soon.

planetNACHI, resistance is futile…

All efforts are futile.

Only Nick can save this one.

And we all know that is not going to happen.

I think this could really be a defining moment in NACHI history, but Nick is playing a banjo somewere.:roll::roll:

I am really depressed.:twisted:

Say something Nick, you egotistical money grubbing piece of marketing genious!!!

One post, telling the** truth **about what happened is all it will take.

We, the members, can handle it!

I think we all deserve it!!!

And yes, I speak for all members------- They sent me an email.:wink:

I don’t think so!!!

Nick started this and he will keep us moving onward. However, he should come clean with the people that pay his rent as to what really went down with those tapes.

Nick, if you do not tell us the truth, I will send George Mooma and Jerry Peck to your house and I know as well as you do that you could not possibly feed these two.:D:D:D

I am new to NACHI. I have not posted much on this message board and I am surprised that you would attribute agendas or motives to my comments. I am not sure what I have said to give the impression that I am fond of ASHI. I believe that in central Indiana, NACHI is a relative unknown compared to ASHI and NAHI. As an aspiring member of HI profession, (I have not performed any paid inspections.) I still have a good deal of learning to do. I have been following the message board for nearly two years now. I don’t believe that our organization can raise itself up by putting another organization down. Derogatory comments about ASHI do not serve the membership in any way. For some reason, the negative posts are still made.

Unity is hard to acheive when there is an unresolved issue such as this. The issue must be resolved before unity is fully acheived.

Hi Mark;

I guess these posts and comments about Nick, NACHI, ASHI, etc. are all about perception. For instance, your earlier post in this thread with regard to Nick and the way NACHI deals with ASHI strikes me as being negative on your part. Your other thread post regarding your interaction with Nick at the convention struck me as very negative as well.

I’m a NACHI member. I don’t care for the trade orgainzation model that ASHI uses to advance its self in the real estate market place. I believe that Nick and the NACHI organization have protected its membership time and time again through Public Relations, Government, Political and or Legal actions, activities and or interaction. These NACHI protections have made the home inspection industry a level playing field for all inspectors, not just the ASHI inspectors.

I’m one of those glass half full guys. I’m looking for the positive side of everything I bump into.

Have a great weekend…