The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun


If you’re lucky.
(Several aspects of luck – including it seems top caliber skill, reaction time, composure and proximity).

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He was a good shot. Anyone who shoots knows this. Fortunately, here in GA my luck increases exponentially with our laws because a good guy will likely be around to help out.

Sadly, they want to take the guns away from the good guys in hopes the net will be wide enough to scoop up the bad guys. Bad guys who care less about the law in the first place.


Excellent article. I’m not seeing this story on my morning news or any news since sunday. The news doesn’t want to air stories of responsible people using their legal guns to save lives.

This amazing man has bigger balls than any of the 400 cops that responded to the Uvalde shooting. Armed with a Glock 9mm vs a AR-15. Nice write up here.


The amount of poise, skill & knowledge of his capabilities for him to act that quickly with that kind of accuracy is amazing. He is definitely a HERO that should be praised for his actions. Now hopefully the lying fake media & other woke idiots will leave him alone and allow him to go on with his life.


Just saw this online.

here is a zoomed version

That is absolutely nuts. This guy is Jason freaking Bourne.

And yes, that is the mall:


And he did it while the shooter was moving, people were screaming all around him, and he’s moving toward the target the entire time.


And didn’t have to have an assault rifle to take him down. :thinking: Amazingly great marksmanship and kudos to the young man.

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