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Hello Gents (and Lady)

I’d like to thank those of you who have recently contacted me off-line regarding a recent series of posts. The general theme of each of the emails was essentially “Why are you wasting your time arguing with fools?” Followed by generally positive comments and concerns that I may get cheesed off and stop posting.

I make my living by presenting arguments (both in court and out of court). In virtually all of my work, there is an “adversary” or opponent. Even in those “real-life” situations, it is not important that I “win” (from the perspective of the client) but rather, I “win” when I present the argument faithfully.

I don’t think for a moment, that I am going to change the minds of some of the more foolish participants on this forum; but that’s not my goal. Rather, (and in particular), these same participants actually provide me with a platform to discuss what would otherwise be irrelevant topics. The vacuous, disingenuous or specious nature of their argument notwithstanding, the points they make open the doorway to discuss certain issues.

So when I engage in what seems to be an argument to failure, remember, I’m not necessarily writing to convince the foolish poster to whom I am responding, rather, I am using the opportunity they provided to present information to YOU, those of you who are reading, and listening, getting the information presented in the discussion. Most of you have raised excellent, i[FONT=Arial]ntellectually honest, astute and germane points and criticisms. And it’s equally enjoyable responding to those.[/FONT]

Nobody wants to just sit down and read a dry discussion on some statistical topic or physics discussion – but put that same discussion in the context of an ongoing argument, with immediate feedback, and that same information now becomes more relevant, understandable and useful.

And besides, I rather enjoy banter; and although I have been known to raise the specter of law suits against outright libel, the personal jabs don’t bother me at all. So, thanks all for your comments and the opportunity to participate in your professional community!

Cheers! :grin:

Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist

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Are you really Micheal Larson? You two should get together.

Thanks Mr.Caoimhín P. Connell.
I have followed your post’s for a long time .
I have printed of much of the information you have directed us too .
I am sure you have kept many of us from making errors .
I hope if I ever go to court with you we are on the same side .

Thanks Roy Cooke A happy NACHI Member

Good to know that you are accustomed to looking past the pinheads and simply enjoy presenting useful, factual, and acccurate information for those of us who appreaciate those kinds of things!

Thanks for all of your helpful posts!



I don’t think you will either…but you tried.

And I also agree what Joe M said.

Personally, I take your information very seriously.



Thanks dude.:wink:


I have learned so much from your posts and the debates you have had with others. Sometimes that is a better forum for education than just direct education.

When other views are presented, and you are able to show the fallacy in the opposing view, it makes your own so much more solid.

Please keep posting, as we all need your expertise.



I too have learned more from your posts and appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise with us. I hope you will keep posting, as the years taught me If I don’t know, listen to others who have been there and done that, and I do listen to you and by the way I have had to get the Webster out to determine definitions of some of those big words you use…:stuck_out_tongue: