Why I post

Often I am challenged on my opinions. That is fine.

I should like everyone else be questioned.

I post because there are many, many, many individuals that stay in the background and read these posts without ever posting.

They believe that alot of what they read here to be true.

Every comment here should be verified. As I have stated many times before I am trying to keep ‘you’ from saying things that will get you sued.

Thanks for participating Mike…appreciate your input. :wink:

Much appreciated, indeed. Thank you, Mike.

Thanks Mike - your comments are right on target. There are definitely many things of value here, but equally I also see a lot of garbage, and “bad” posts that are not really helpful to anyone at all. It seems at time issues have turned very personal, and attacks and threats are posted.

I like the forum because of its openness, at the same time many posts are proving how ethically challenging a handful of posters really are. As you warned eventually “others” will fall victim to a lawsuit.

Remember - this is an open public forum for the world to sit and observe both the good and bad, and the comments whether helpful or destructive.


You are correct. The public viewing of this forum is what I admire the most about NACHI.

It would be easy to eliminate all the negative comments about NACHI from the public BUT they are allowed to stand.

This is what will make NACHI be the most credible org. out there.

Strange as it may seem , I had a man from Austria book an inspection today based on my posts on this MB.:shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

Maybe folks from Austria can see through the BS???

His google search was pool inspections…

Then he read most of my posts and called me.:smiley:

Smart man.
Rest assured he will get a top of the line inspection.:smiley:

Thanks Mike you have said what many have known all along .
NACHI ( NICK) seems to be the only association that shows all tells all and helps all .
We can show the world that we are human and have a disagreement and still carry own help our selves and others .
We have no secrets .
We do not hide and treat some members as second class citizens.
So many are so jealous of how well NACHI and its members give so much to so many .
So great to see a new inspector ask questions and get answers.
Two days later another new inspector asks the same question and they get an answer or are sent to a previous post for the answer they are looking for .
We get a home owner who knows little and WOW so many HI’s try to help with their problem.
We get so many who are none members who visit and never post just so they can find out what is really going on in the Home inspection industry .
If it was not for NACHI much information would never get out .
We Canadians are so fortunate that NACHI has helped and continues to treat us as part of the good NACHI family.
Information and ideas just never seem to stop .
Questions immediate answers , I know I am preaching to the converted but boy it sure is nice to sit back and see what we really do have .

Roy Cooke .A Working Home Inspector . Helping where and when I can…
… … RHI. Royshomeinspection.com CAHPI-ON

"Why I post" (by Mike Parks)

I’m glad you do, mike.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

Mike - I hear you met my partner Allyn yesterday. I thought you said you were a member? Heard that meeting went well yesterday.

Well…If I POST it is true…Nuff Said…:slight_smile:

Mike yes I did. Hope to meet you too someday.

Well…In MY FEABLE…OLD…WRECKLESS…MIND anyway…:slight_smile:


Are you sure you don’t mean wrecked???:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Like most of life, you eventually learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Yeah…I will go for WRECKED today…