HUGE new feature added to

Hey folks,

I know I’ve been pretty quiet on the front, but it’s only because I’ve been working on a huge new feature that will save you all a lot of hassle. Introducing the FetchReprt PDF Creator (beta).

Currently with most report upload systems you have to upload your report through a separate, web-based system after you’ve converted it into PDF format, and then send your client the link. Well, with the FetchReport PDF Creator, the process of converting to PDF, uploading, password protecting, and sending to your clients are handled with a few clicks of your mouse.

Here are the 5 easy steps:

  1. Click “Print” in any Windows program (whether it’s Microsoft Word, home inspection reporting software, or any other application).
  2. Choose FetchReport PDF Creator from the printer list
  3. Enter the report’s title
  4. Enter your client’s e-mail address
  5. Click Upload
    That’s it–you’re done. Once the file is uploaded, it is converted to a PDF, password protected, and sent to your client (and anyone else you choose) automatically.

You need a free account to use this service. To get one, go to

Once you have a account, go to to view a demo of how easy the system is to use, and to download the current beta version.

Any feedback is welcome. Again, this is still beta software, so there might be a few bugs. There are two issues that I’m aware of:

  1. The system does not work on Windows Vista yet (it should be working on Vista within the next 10-15 days).
    *]Addresses typed into the “Send To (additional)” field cannot have spaces between the commas (it must be address1,address2 – not address1, address2). This issue should be fixed in a few days.

That is huge!

Very nice and makes everything a no brainer…
I need that.

It worked so easy, I am now converted to Fetch

I was waiting to see what the old system would become…
but this one is very easy and cuts down my time by 50%.

No problems with Windows XP and Word Pad.
Yes… I use word pad… I made my own software reporting
system with the TREC template. Your system converted
everything, including pictures, into PDF… with no flaws.

then… uploaded and mailed the link out with one touch
of a button… Very easy.

Great work Chris.

Hey… I noticed that the download pop up page has the text
that we added for the client to read while downloading the

Would it be possible to incorporate this text with our
“agreement page” and that by clicking the download
button it verifies that they accept the “agreement page”…?
Thus fulfilling the requirements of E&O insurers that the
client first sign the “agreement page”, before they get
their report.

In other words, the agreement page would have a box
to be checked and this would constitute an electronic

What say ye?

It’s already in the works :slight_smile:

Chris, I really want to get on board with this, but am having no luck bringing this up:

Step 1

Download and install GhostScript. The FetchReport PDF Creator requires the free GhostScript application to run (detailed instructions).
How to install GhostScript:

  1. Download the gs857w32.exe file and run it.
    *]Click Setup on the window that opens.

Try this link instead:

YouDaMan, Chris-

Very powerful indeed.
I see you have overcome much of the problems of converting everyone’s
files to a common pdf by doing it before the upload. Very good.
And… in the process included a mailer function, password, confirmation
signature (coming) and personal note space.

Nick is not paying you enough, Chris.

Would you like a raise?

Just tell me how much you want and I will try to get it for you…
You might get fired in the process, but I’ll try to help you…:mrgreen:

Whoa! This is awesome! Great job!

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Apopka, FL 32703
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Having no problem uploading the file, but can not open the report at my test email or any computer, it states: “the file was damaged (for example the file was sent as an email attachment and was not correctly decoded.)”

Also, before I always printed as a pdf sent to my desktop from there I print hard copies from the pdf then upload to fetch or vise versa…is there any way to simultanously upload and send to the desktop at the same time or from the same window…I dont know that this will save time for me if I still have to go to fetch to get the pdf to print hard copies or print twice with different printers.

any help would be great. Thanks Chris.

Can you forward me the original message from I’ll look into it. I’ll also look into adding a “Send to desktop” option to the system.


Program not remembering my password. I check the box each time
but it never remembers. So far looking very good.


Just click the box first and up pops your password.

It is actually a message from adobe…adobe cannot open the file and the message is actually how I qouted it.

And how about the message box remembering the message that we may use over and over?

Chris I tested it, it worked fine for me. Can’t wait until this system is up and running. Lots of progress so far. Hopefully the 50, or so, of us dedicated NACHI inspectors that have been helping to get the bugs out will get the first leads on these foreclosures. :slight_smile:



The program will not save my password… I have tried it several ways.

Other than that… working good so far.

I’ll get in touch with you shortly to figure out what’s going on.

Really fabulous! Great work Chris!