Certified Canadian Home Inspector (CCHI)

Congratulations Greg Mathias CCHI

Global Property Inspections Home and Commercial Building Inspector
Lloydminster, Alberta

Greg has successfully completed the first InterNACHI CMI peer reviewed Home Inspection. He has earned the right to use CCHI a new designation that will be used only by peer reviewed InterNACHI inspectors.
Fritz Kamprath, CET, CMI of A+ Authorized Home & Property Inspection Services Ltd. had the honour of doing the review.

Way to go GREG


Contragulations Gregg!

Great Glad for Greg and thanks to the Alberta Group and the CMIs for getting this done .

AHHA!! So it’s now “Brothers helping brothers get through the rules and then compete against brothers”. Can’t get any better, can it!!!

I don’t agree with RHI’s doing the same…could be a bad business practice in the eyes of the public.

How about trying CMI’s doing a TIPR (or whatever it’s now being called) for CAHPI members and vice versa??? Now that would make sense!!

How about some totally independent body doing the testing???

I believe that is an excellent idea Brian. A separate body to do the peer reviews. Since you thought of it and since I have seen from reading the many, many, posts you seem to have the time that this would require and seeing how from your posts you appear to have the experience, perhaps you could squeeze in some practical application time and set it up?

You mean like they do with that self appointed group in Ontario does .
You got hooked up with the Big joke in our industry and paid a lot of money for ZIP .
PHPIC the laughing stock of the industry .
Recognized by them selves only.
CMIs are top of the Industry .

Congratulations Gregg! Good on ya!

Congrats Greg!

Good Idea… Maybe you could get Raymond Wand and Roy Cooke to help also!!

How about yourself…you must be in retirement mode now after 40 years in the building business…should have some time to help out!!

Great idea of course I manage to keep busy helping many now .
Brian I have no idea if he manages to help any one .
I do know Raymond is also extremely busy giving help to many also.

We feel your pain…:D:D

So you guys are so busy now helping all the new homies, you must not have time to get into the field much anymore…or as a CMI you get to charge $1,000’s for the 1 inspection you do a week and don’t have to work that much anymore!!

Bingo James you are the greatest

sad cat.jpg

Hurts, don’t it?

Brian if I thought it was any of your Business I would tell you .

But sorry you can just eat your heart out and wonder .

I see you must have phoned the cronies for support…God!!! 2-3 of the bigger mouths have to come to joust with little ole me!!! And had to get their gutter comments out. It’s sad and must deflate other members optimism when some of their best sink this low!!

No Brian you are just like a bad smell you show up every where .

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If I had to guess I would say you are in the early stages of dementia.

Your posts and your attitude just get lower and lower with every post.


I responded in the same vein as Bruce Grant’s post was offered!!

Your B I T C H I N G may work at home but not with me. You and buddy Roy are really stretching for something to complain about these days…to the point of being JUVENILE!!!..

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Complaining, ********? You really are demented. You, without doubt are the biggest complainer your posts speak to that fact!

I can’t wait to see what lame brain reply you come up with next.

Get a life.