The whole basement is the sump pit

I couldn’t believe it


…and yet they have stuff stored down there!

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Flood much? :upside_down_face:

It must be working, it looks pretty dry. :upside_down_face:


Dennis. Looks dry but the photo only covers a few square feet. Talk soft while inspecting.
What did the foundation walls and floor slab look like?

As for the ‘lack of a sump pit.’ Simple recommendation. Cheep fix.
Refer to an licensed general contractor.

I posted the picture more for its comic value than help in reporting the issue.

It was in the best dugout basement I ever saw. Great slab and poured concrete side walls. Most dugout basements I come across, the “builder” just left the walls as dirt which leave the foundation and piers unsupported.

The sump pump here was obviously installed after the dugout basement upgrade was done.

Definitely funny. Another example of “unclear on the concept” which we see all the time.

I’ve seen this before as a whole basement back-up, just in case the primary pump fails.
The sump pit was half the size of standard pits. So,the was a problem with pumps burning out from short cycling. And there were at least 10 burnout pumps tossed to the side.
I wouldn’t call it a basement, it was only 7 feet square.

wow, what an interesting existing condition.

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