The wind mit lady?

Anyone else getting calls from the lady that talks a mile a minute, and needs a “new” wind mit, because her inspector gave her a “bad” wind mit?

No but do tell!, I been getting irritated calls lately. One guy yesterday broke down my entire wind mit because he didn’t get any credits and told me that I was wrong when pictures don’t lie. He told me that he is getting his handyman to look over the report. I told him ok and Good Luck.

The first time she called me she talked for 5 minutes, I finally got the address out of her and looked it up on google maps and it appeared to be an ‘other’ than hip roof. I finally just had to interrupt her and politely say “Ma’am, I’m sorry, I can’t help you”.

Sandy from New York?

LOL! Can’t remember the name the first time she called me I looked it up. Got to be the same one, she was from NY.
House in Port Charlotte.

Yep that’s her. Told her the same thing after I pulled an aerial. She’s working hard fr that 300.00


Let his handyman write the report:mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue: