Call Me Before You Do This Boynton Wind Mit

It is for an inspector at XXX SE-------Ave in Boynton Beach and it is for universal.

The guy is trying to get undeserved credits. :smiley:

The info has been removed to protect the guilty

Call me if you get a 3 digit address on an ave for an inspector in Boynton Beach. I do not wish others to waste their time. If you are not sure just ask.

you got burned?

naaaaaa I walked. He was sure trying to get me in an out real quick. He had ladders set up and ready to go. He called me because universal would not accept him doing his own wind mit. I should have asked questions then but I did not. I asked him what he thought the wood frame % was and when he answered 28% I realized there was an issue. I did not pay enough attention when I talked to him on the phone. Dumbass me.

Too bad

I’ll live. Hopefully I can warn a fellow inspector. I should have recommended DMI. :slight_smile:

Just found out he is a fellow internachi inspector. He told me he has been turning in his own mits for years. Funny thing is the only license he has is as a home inspector.

It will be great when he reads this.

You should have charged him your regular price, written the report correctly and moved on.Cash his check before you email him the report. He gets what he deserves and you get paid.

Mike I just emailed you, please don’t take it the wrong way I did not want others to see it.


Thanks for the advice. What do you think about my change. That should cover my a s s.

It’s all good now as far as I can tell.

I get it, that’s cold!:twisted::roll::shock::smiley:

After I saw your email I realized how simple it would be to figure out who he was.

Thanks again. I am willing to bet that is one fellow Nachi inspector who now dislikes me.

Apparently not alone either!

That is for sure but it seems the anti Meeker sentiment has slowed a bit. It is funny because for everyone that expresses their dislike for me I get five that seem to at least like me personally. I have helped more fellow inspectors. than I can shake a stick at on the phone and by email. It still surprises me when anyone from here contacts me for advice or my opinion.

At least no one tried to kick my a s s at the meeting. :slight_smile: I thought for sure I would get a couple of crappy comments there but not one.

Michael as I stood in the back, person after person was asking if you were there. Your kinda like a “celebrity” of sorts…

I think they must be entertained by the heated discussions. I to was surprised about how many people introduced themselves. I think those who did say hello found out I was not as big of a jerk as some think I am just because I have different opinions compared to most Non Contractor Home Inspectors.

Believe it or not this is the first business I have ever been involved in where I was not like by all who know me. The thing is people here think they know me and do not. Anyone who does know me would tell them that I am the type who always helps anyway I can and am as honest as they come.

He knew right away I was not going to give him the 28% he wanted because he saw me checking the top half of his house. I think he thought I would think it was concrete. No expansion joints and had a reveal similar to concrete block at the windows. He just about said if I would not play ball I could just leave then. I wanted to get home to the family and did not care so I left.

I would recommend you remove **all **info about the person you are discussing. It took me all of 5 seconds to locate his info.

I thought I did. Did you check recently?

Just before I posted.