There may be problem

Ohhh man, do those pics look great. Thank you kindly.

I can’t recall ever finding this much damage from Termites. Those piles of tubes on the ground say everything about this particular house. It’s a total infestation that will require major renovation.

Thanks again, Wayne.

They have gone up into the walls and even the paneling is paper thin , even the door frames had damage in the middle of the home , The base board you could you finger through it

Nice pictures. I have seen worse. The ground in most areas of the US does not freeze like it used to, and termites are more active than they used to be. I have seen them create trails up seven foot steel posts from basement floors to the wood floor joists. They also, over time, can climb from ground areas to homes with out needing a place to climb. The worse I have seen was at an older 1930 home that was unoccupied for years. I could not go down into the basement due to the rotted/damaged steps, so I leaned over and saw large mounds about 4 feet tall. Home had to be torn down. Good call here.

Gary i am sure this one is getting to that point, I did not even get close to the rear where it was even closer to the ground, going in the back door you could tell it was laying on the ground