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I was asked to check out a crawl space by a friend who was thinking of buying this home, Wasn’t Busy so went over Looked good, Hand cut stone and all., Marble walk way about 60 Years . Went under found this took a few pictures came back out .:shock:
I counted at least 10 tunnels going straight up , that and more on the foundation. Joists crumpled as you touched them, Panel and baseboard in the living area was paper thin in all rooms. (Support post) i put my hand on it to see how soft it was and it fell over into powder. I decided not to go to far in mostly from fear of it coming down on me. I sure glad i do not have a wood leg i would never made it out lolol.

Very good photos Wayne,

Was your friend surprised?


Yes for sure
Even more surprised was the owners it is a estate sale and they had no idea
I do not think i ever seen this much damage before

Excellent pictures Wayne. :mrgreen:

Wow, I’ve seen a lot of tunnels, but never hanging in mid-air like that.

Most of the joists had Tunnels And i never got back to where it was about 8 inches of the ground. I can not even think what was back there. What surprised me it looked not bad on the outside. it has been empty for 5 years. Great hand cut stone work too

I think there used to be post where those tunnels are hanging in midair, if not, call guiness and tell them you have the most energetic termites around. I have never known termites to start at the top and work down, and I don’t believe they would have supported their own weight going up in midair. IMO

You should add those to the Nachi photos.

Sub Termites will go about 18 inches or so just out in space looking for a way back to the nest or for food.

You’re lucky the place didn’t come down on top of you.:wink:


Great photos. Freestanding tubes are always fun to see, as long as it’s not your house.

LOLOL i wouldn’t want to even live beside this one, I have seen free standing but never this many at first i thought what is with all the wire, then i turned the light on It took me a couple minutes to collect myself Here are some more
If NACHI wants ill be glad to send them

These tubes where free standing for about 24 inches hard to believe and they said it was treated 5 years ago but no follow up , One might think scam bug guy

You saved your friend a bundle Wayne, good job!

I have seen a lot of damage but never as much as this one had. Kinda sad though the family is stuck with it The father built it then a son had it

Wayne, Very nice pics. I hope you don’t mind if I steal a few of them for my website.

I also like to hear Sellers say that they treated for Termites and I go ahead and start probing (for my clients) and find all sorts of Termite structural damage that was never reinforced.

I guess homeowners think a Termite treatment will also take care of all the structural damage.

Sure you can use them if you want ill email them to you


It would be very much appreciated. Especially if you’ve got higher resolution images.

Please send them to

You got mail