Thermal camara

On what I have learned or heard from professionals in the field. The descriptions that are for the level 1, 2, 3 courses. I gather from all that I have read that a great amount does not have to do with home inspecting. Not useless for other apps but I only care about building and home inspecting :slight_smile:

You might want to reread the Level I curriculum again. The majority of the course would be advantageous to any HI looking to expand and offer IR as an additional service. When I took the Level I training I got to try hands on many different models of imagers from three different manufactures and received hours of one on one training with my t-420. Well worth the time and money in my opinion.

Notice that I have not put down John’s training in my post. Having never taken his course it would irresponsible on my part to do so. I do read with interest the posts of those that have taken his course and have also taken other training. There opinions are based off of first hand knowledge and in my view carry the weight that they deserve.

Enjoy you course Michael. I hope that it serves your needs.

I can guarantee it will. Would you like to know how I can guarantee it?

It was free


But is was in my case :slight_smile: But not my reason.

Because this is all you want.

Nope :slight_smile:

My Pops taught me a long time ago if you have a chance to take a class of any kind you should always take advantage of the opportunity. I very likely may never buy a IR camera BUT I may some day get a job with a major builder or something that may own or purchase one. I take any education I can get. Especially when the price is right and it will definitely look good on my next resume :slight_smile:

I understand, but don’t stop at just what you are given, go get more if you can.
The minute you settle for less than you deserve, is the minute you get less than you settle for.

It is also a cost issue at this stage :frowning: Money never used to be an object for anything to me but now it decides EVERYTHING :frowning:

Curious as to what is considered ‘useless crap’… Does that mean that no theory is taught? No physics behind decrypting thermal imaging?


Jeff, don’t bother.
He failed as a stucco contractor in the Land of Stucco, failed as a $50 wind mitigation inspection contractor in the Land of Hurricanes and failed as a home inspector in a hot real estate sales market.
Don’t you understand that he needs professional help?

He is just vomiting up John’s propaganda, just as is does with other certification stuff he is involved with.

He offers to take courses for free and spout out about how great it was for “him”.
Though I feel that his actual workload differs from his projection.

Just remember Mike , I’ll be here to " help you " when you go astray (whether you like it or not)!

Yes, for you that don’t remember, I attended John’s course. So I do understand where all of you that have taken John’s course have been.

Mike, you have never been on board with home inspection stuff. Your mindset is a general contractor. Since your injury event, it seems you have taken upon yourself to consume free education (which is a real good idea). But education is only a small portion of what it takes to do these jobs. If you don’t know what a 1902 Door Bell looks like, you’ll be here with all the other CMI’s asking “what is this?” !

You probably should back off of the propaganda that spews forth from your opinionated comments. It’s becoming a little too obvious.

Blow me dumb a s s. I still do all you think I failed at. Just not enough work or pay going on to keep me happy. You are an always will be just a common laborer I am just temporarely one :smiley:

David I never have and never will care what any one thinks of me. When I do not know something I am not to proud like 99% here to ask. Most are just full of themselves tools with no real world success. I was once a great success and believe I will again be one. I just have not had good luck lately and do what I need to to survive. I damn sure do not wish to be an inspector forever.


To continue your education after your Certified Infrared Course, please consider testing yourself on the knowledge gained from John’s Course. Go here

You may need to register to take this FREE Exam which tests anyone’s knowledge and competency in Building Science Thermography.

Here is an additional FREE Course offered by Infraspection on the above site.

Well maybe after I finish my G.C continuing ed then my Home Inspector Continuing ed I may have time but at that point I may just be feed up with the required bulls h i t I MUST do due to licensing to take on other stuff for at least a year.

If I was to invent a fullof****ometer and manufacture it, Mike, you and KW ,would be at a tie to be the first to peg the meter.:slight_smile:

Wow out of three pages of this forum only one person answered my question. I think some of you have too much time on your hands