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Posted by: Johnny Boysz
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Agreed, and I also believe that this user is Raymond Wand. John McKenna (or other NACHI member) does not deserve to be humiliated in public by this or any other moron.

How does this post violate the forum rules?

I would submit that Johnny Boysz is in all likely hood a false name and the poster has multiple accounts.

I’ll mark them for moderation while we discuss. There’s no IP data suggesting he’s someone else. Are there any other posts that indicate otherwise?

I don’t know , but this example goes a long way towardss my point in another thread about the difficulty of moderating “banned members” who register multiple accounts.

Does a false alias, by a non-member, and mocking with false
information, with the intent to cause damage to ones business,
break any rules, Chris?

This poster never attended any of my classes and is a non-member
seeking to slander my business.

This is classic non-member abuse, for the sake of mocking something
they have no idea what they are talking about, but seek to abuse
the freedom of our forum.

[FONT=Arial][size=3]:twisted:Agreed![/size] :twisted:[/FONT]

This is NOT Rocket Science! :roll:

Simple solution…ban him. Delete every post he makes from this point out.

Not that I don’t agree (have no doubt in my mind) that this is Ray and he, as a banned member, has no business posting here, but…

This is the system we have, currently.

Seems the burden of proof is on the moderators in these instances also.

Not to cause waves but… I don’t know who this person is. It may be someone we all know using an alias, it may or may not be someone who has attended the class. It may or may not be a long time Certified Thermographer. No one knows.

But at the same time, and no offense intended, he has a point. John has had an infrared camera for just about a year. You can actually find the threads where he was discussing which one to buy about the same time that Will Decker was looking. So in the matter of a year, he has bought, been trained, and is now training and issuing “certifications” to his students. In this instance he is being treated no different than any other vendor on this board. His membership as a home inspector was not questioned, his product as an education vendor was.

This post should not have been delayed or removed. JMHO.

I agree with Stephen. Unless we know this to be Wand or some other banned poster, there is nothing in this message that should keep it from being posted.

Agree with Stephen on all counts.

Wrong… I have had my camera 1 yr and 9 mths. Your conclusions
are bias and based on incorrect facts.

Learning how to use the camera is very easy. The hard part is
learning how to interpret the images and that comes from your
experience in construction and inspector skills. I have over 25 yrs
construction experience and over 10 years as a Texas licensed
home inspector. I am the Executive Director of the Master
Inspector Certification Board. My course has been recognized
as the official InterNACHI infrared training course. I am a FLIR-ITC

I think my experience is way above the level of being one of the
“biggest laughs on this BB” as was stated by the non-member

When non-members use this forum for “drive-by” mocking without
any facts, they are seeking to cause division and disrupt decent

I have “many” who have taken my IR class who said it was better
than the Level I class they took. Some do not.

I have heard first hand from Level I, II, & III thermographers who
said they COULD NOT do home inspection with an IR camera.
The vast majority cannot, because they were not raised in the
field of construction.

Those who do not understand this think these titles mean someone
is qualified. That is not always the case.

The issue is that non-members who come to our forum to
harass and mock the peaceful discussion of members should
not be allowed to do so unchecked. The members deserve
to enjoy a forum free from “drive-by” attacks, for no other
reason than to cast derision on members.

If someone wants to show me fact by fact why my IR course is
a joke, I am open to their discussion. If you can’t back up
what your saying, then you have nothing to say. Anyone?

Remember, the IR course was written by me and Will Decker.
Mr Decker is a Level II thermographer whose experience
started way before he was posting on this message board.
Between his background and mine, I challenge anyone to
show me why our course is lacking and to justify why it
is worthy of non-member mocking, who have never taken
our course.

Other infrared schools have started new home inspector
courses that copy our same price, hours, and focus. They
have even ask permission to use the INFRARED CERTIFIED

It is interesting that JB thinks this non-member should be banned
in post #9, and then thinks nothing should be done in post #12.?

I will say it once more.

If the post was made by a banned poster, the post should be deleted.

Otherwise, there is nothing in the post itself that would indicate that it should not be put on the message board. On its own merit, the post is fine, IMO.

That’s not what you said in post 9.

If this is a pseudonym for Wand, and this guy is Wand, his posts should not be allowed. Is this Wand? Is the poster someone who is banned?

If so, delete the posts.

Aside from that…as to the post, itself, there is nothing wrong with it. If it comes from anyone not banned, it should be allowed. there is nothing in the post that should cause it to be moderated.

Again, if it came from the banned poster, Wand, under another name…ban the new name and trash the post no matter what it says. A post from Wand that says “I love NACHI” is banned and should not be put on the message board. This determination was made many months ago and, finally, we have the ability to do it.

But if this post came from anyone else…the post should go on the MB. There is nothing wrong with the post.

Apparently other disagree with you JB.

Since our current excursion into a moderated forum is because of, in large part,
your postings, then I can understand your opinions.

Someday…when you mature…you will find that this is no reason to remove a post.

Apparently other do not agree with you and as Nick said, “the
bashing will stop”. Please tell us more about your maturity.