Thermal Narratives

Anybody have or know where I can find some good IR narratives for reports?

Thermography school.

You don’t know how to describe what your camera is showing?

Maybe he’s just looking for someone that has a narrative list already completed that he can buy rather than having to type it all out.

Nothing wrong with the question

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I agree with Nelson

David’s correct, most schools will have plenty of phrases and common descriptions to glean from the training. Infraspection certainly did. A list of generally accepted language would be convenient though, I admit.

Contact your training provider for guidance.

It is a great question. There have been some great compilations made for home inspection that surely most if not all of you are relying on even though you have done the training. Seems like that is all that is being asked. Has anyone developed this?

Nick and Ben should make a narrative list for infrared.

That could be one more awesome benefit of being a member.

Seems to me that all you would need for IR in a home inspection, is a basic list of short photo captions with locations. The actual defect noted in the report should already be in your home inspection library.

Valid Point

Most of what I find using the thermal camera I verify some other way, as in thermal image indicates possible moisture or leaking through the shower stall tiles. High moisture content was verified with moisture detector… Tile was cracked and grout had failed… etc. etc…

Find me a narrative for this pool pump had two recently with the same operating temp;-)

C’mon Charley! Don’t you know that’s not an issue! It’s reflective white paint according to the training manual! :wink:

How long can you hold your hand on that white paint:p:shock::wink:

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Having a bad day Jason?

Thermography exceptions cover a broad scope.
One size doesn’t fit all…

You should be able to explain what you see thermally in your report, I would think.
If you need wording, go to your thermgraphy training manuals, I have all five of my books sitting on my desk all the time (along with all my code books) which I reference all the time. You can’t expect to remember all this stuff.
Just need to know where to find the answer.

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Jason E. Haggard of AAA Complete Home Inspections, L.L.C.

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So what we see is an inspector without the proper training, asking those with proper training. at the cost of thousands of dollars, to supply their narratives.

Asking someone to share a basic narrative on an inspection item is one thing. We all have brain farts at one time or another. Asking to share narratives that come from time consuming, extensive, and expensive training is quite another. :roll:

Wanna be a PROFESSIONAL? Spend the time and money to get the proper training for your business and your clients. You won’t have to spend time on a message board to get freebies to complete your reports.