they claim they're the number 1 waterproofing co in Canada-land


they claim they use the best products, do the best work etc…okay, let’s take a peek

1:10 – 1:35 ummm, a lot of the dimpled membrane is rather loose along duh top, eh?

And, why wouldn’t ya’s bring thick mastic/tar all the way UP to the TOP of the basement wall? Looks at least a few inches short… and did they apply it thick or, the thin cheap junk, or… did they even bother to apply anything OTHER than that dimpled membrane, huh?

And, you backfilled with most or all of the same soil, clay… why? lool

If they’re so good and use the best materials and do the best job, it doesn’t look that way to Uncle Bub’s… got milk?

Seems they are a home improvement co and so i’ll take a stab and guess they recently started doing waterproofing or, they do a couple jobs per year, or they mostly do interior basement systems, hence the rookie–ish job. If you are going to make such claims such as your the best, you use the best materials etc, ummmm maybe DO IT!

Oh, lool, now i see on their website, their FAQ’s… uh huh, loool, one Q and A goes, 'How do i deal with the problem?
Their answer---- ‘In most situations, an interior drainage systems is the BEST way to stop floor water or flooding… our inspectors are EXPERTS in the field’

Experts? Really? Ok, i guess if they say so it just has to be true, pardon me.

George Carlin, Sun God… …‘and most of this praying is done on Sunday, his day off. It’s not nice and no way to treat a friend. But people do pray and they pray for a lot of different things like, your sister needs an operation on her _ _ _ _ _ H…’

All you guys are gonna be put out of business

The SquidGee Dry System has dried up thousands and thousands of wet basement across the United States and Canada! SquidGee Dry System has proven itself during springtime snow melts in Michigan to heavy rainfalls in Pennsylvania, and even stood up against hurricane strength storms in New Jersey

I thought squid was a fish or somethin’

Saw a few of these recently. Home Depot I believe sells a comparable product.

Right up there with all the “Seen on TV” products. In my case the “glued” on channels were missing here and there leading me to believe its not a very secure product, not to mention what happens when the water goes over the channel?

So instead of fixing the leak you direct where the water goes…

That’s what this is designed to do. It sure isn’t waterproofing anything.