they deserve the ring!!

No matter who you root for. These men at Seattle deserve that ring. They have played an almost flawless game and obviously wanted this bad enough to go get it!!!

Very true George, personally I didn’t care who won, I didn’t place any bets at the casino.

Now I wish I had…:stuck_out_tongue:

No kidding…

true, in most cases, the better defense wins. There have been many more teams with the better defense than the best offense that have won the super bowl in history…

True, thing is, I was looking for a good game and if you weren’t a Seattle fan you were probably disappointed at the lack of game as opposed to the AFC Championship.

Agreed, it was not a good game to watch after a while. Like a crappy movie we keep watching just waiting for something good to happen. Then when it ends we just sit there in disbelief that we watched the entire thing.