They will never learn

This closet was constructed by a contractor that was flipping this home.
No problem we do it all the time! :roll:

On top of the lack of access for the panel, every receptacle had these old, multi-tap outlets installed, half of them had issues; bad grounds (go figure!), reversed polarity
You should of seen the crawlspace! :mrgreen:

I had one recenly that was a similar issue, contractor flipping a double wide. I had 3 breakers just fall out when I opened the panel cover. The contractor was there and asked if it was a problem and should he should fix that. Un-freakin believable!

Maybe he thought that “breakers” are supposed to “break”.:wink:

Yeah, break, thats it.

I love that some contractors think that most home inspectors are stupid, he was one of them. I think that with my 3 page defect summary, he was humbled some.

I love it. Not to try and top this, but the closet topic brings up another house I inspected. The two places you are not allowed to have an electrical panel(over current protection) is a closet and a bathroom. I found a subpanel in a bathroom closet. :wink:


LOL classic!


Share ya greedy B*&^#@@)@ !!:mrgreen:

Many old manufactured homes have the service equipment in a bedroom closet. Just saw it this morning. It had been replaced in 1994 and had the sparky sticker on the cover! :roll: No wonder they call us clueless…:wink:

Main Panel* in* the Shower…

Chris: Great Photos. See you tomorrow night.


No use to post photos of sub in bathroom closet. Joe has to show me up again with his interesting finds. :frowning:


Hi Pat!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night … that Dietrich guy always seems to have “plans” on meeting nights! :mrgreen:

NOTE* the speaker for tomorrow has changed. A scheduling conflict prevents Mr Benson from giving an electrical presentation but, we where able to book Mike Samartina to give a presentation on Solar Panels and general contractor safety issues. So the show will go on!
Don’t forget someone will walk away with a FREE year membership to InterNACHI tomorrow night!

Oh I’ll be there, just to pest you. :wink: I might have to leave right as it ends to get home on time.



Yea that’s why you stayed an extra half hour talking shop! :wink:

Thanks for coming Tom, It was greatly appreciated knowing the distance you traveled. No Greenie though :mrgreen: