Think you know your stuff? Take this home inspection quiz

Think you know your stuff? Take this home inspection quiz

Ok I passed the quiz, where is my Certificate and how many CEU’s do I get?:slight_smile:

…and when do we get our grades??

Yeah…sad thing is the PUTZ that wrote this is from near my area…go figure…and did not mention NACHI once…

Love the E & O comments…his marketing tool I guess…

I missed my calling. I should have been a writer.

Here is the one question test - What is wrong with the structure that I am buying?


I think I flunked. I didn’t see NACHI even mentioned in the article. I saw ASHI and egad NAHI, but not the largest and some may say the best organization. (Not gonna start something here with that comment, but I think NACHI is blessed with good people with good intentions.) Good article though for those who may think a home inspection is a waste of money. I quoted a price to a client two days ago, she said it was a bunch but before I could say a word, she stated, “But I bet worth every penny”. I got the job and cleared some of her misconceptions on certain things in the house. Wish every client was like her!

At the bottom of the article:

“After all, nobody knows homes and what makes them tick as well as a home inspector,” Anderson said. “ASHI has a slogan that says, ‘We Speak House.’ Home inspectors truly do speak the language of houses, and if one has learned the language, houses will speak volumes to those of us who are trained to listen.”