Third party insurance inspectors

In the past 3 months my customers have had after-closing inspections by the insurance carriers which claim they need roof repairs for minor issues which are not issues such as claiming 15% of the roof is lifted (when it is not). No evidence to support the claim, they do not go on the roof or even use a drone. They claim they do not know the age of the roof when in two cases, I listed the permit date in the 4-Point and the last one wherein the home was built in 2007 (in the absence of roof replacement, wouldn’t the age of the roof be 11 years?). The whole purpose behind these weak inspections is to either reduce any liability whatsoever or to cancel the customer while retaining 25% of the annual fee (yes, they can keep 25% even though they only insured the home for 2-4 weeks). I spoke with one company, Cabrillo Coastal, aka, Safe Harbor Insurance who said they only use our 4-Point for binding and it carries no weight after their inspection. These scam companies are a threat to our reputation as our customers will want us to make them whole. I hear one of them, Peoples Trust, is a warranty company disguised as an insurance carrier (Tampa Sun Times). Question is, “how many of you are seeing this” and “what do you think we can do about exposing it or fighting back”.

We cannot do anything and the OIR is at fault because they DO NOT regulate the Insurance Companies as they should. The OIR needs to be rethought and rebuilt from scratch.