"This basement has a french drain yet water still came onto floor"

WAFI Do Right… … WRONG


I remember that …


drain tiles drain tiles drain tiles, Marsha Brady please help, got milk?

Video again, exterior corner crack n loooong exterior horizontal crack

versus lil piece in this article, good stuff just disagree a tad
…‘If there is no footing drain surrounding the basement… then hydrostatic pressure will likely build up outside the basement and failure will likely occur at some time’

When it rains and we have clay soil. silty soil that was backfilled against basement walls, much of the water is absorbed into the soil causing the soil to expand n increase soil pressure against the wall long before it gets down to the stOOpy drain tiles, as it did in our you tubieee video, long horizontal crack etc, and nothing wrong with the existing WEEPY tiles lol, zip.

vid example, sellers were bs’d, were told they needed an interior DRAINAGE system and sump pump and wall anchors $24,000, NO they didn’t.
One point is, you have all NEW stupid drain tiles installed by the int system SHYSTER so why did the walls get worse, why did it continue to leak? uh huh

NOTHING wrong with the existing exterior drain tiles yet the walls bowed in, cracked, gee Bubba wonders why, HELLO!!!

For those who believe most or many of these problems would be wiped out if you had pretty new drain tiles around house then why don’t they install more drain tiles lol, yeah sure go ahead and install 2 or 3 sets around the house/footing, run 'em to daylight, drain tile is cheap so, go 4 it if it means that much to 'em and see what happens

So all these leaky basements and bowed in walls we’ve done spanning 40 yrs, some are trying to tell us all we needed to do was install NEW dran tiles inside or outside or both?

Too much focus/emphasis on pretty much meaningless crap and nowhere near enough focus on what could help

ahh the pretty ladies having some fun, is this ok with Youngie? Is it ok to have a lil fun?

Last night Bubba said these words to his girl…

…it’s so hard to reason with Youngie, oh yeah, why do you make us blue?

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His husband would be pissed!



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‘that’s when Bubba fell for, a couple gallons of milk’

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