"This basement has a french drain yet water still came onto floor"

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how much was spent on the interior drainage system? yeah we know

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Henry Flagg French died in 1885. Although I have work repairing blocked perimeter drainage fields and weep tiles, both exterior and interior, for many decades, I have yet to run into, or uncover through excavation, a French drain.
Thanks in advance for the info.
Robert Young

B.S. again.

A French Drain is another name for a Foundation or Perimeter Drain.

The French drain is conceptually very simple, a slightly sloped trench filled with pea size gravel surrounding perforated pipe that’s buried underground helps divert excess water away from your home and foundation.


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Incorrectly referred to as French Drain. I have never seen one myself. Weep tiles, yes.
All kinds of drains in a house.
The OP posted the correct term not to long ago.
Aren’t you the member that states to relate fact?

Perimeter drain systems.
every sink and tub has a drain, and there’s likely a drain next to your washing machine. But did you know that there is a very important drain located outside your home? This is known as your perimeter drain or weeping tile system.

Clearly, something you are not capable of, so leave this thread alone.


A french drain is just another term for “weeping tile”. I inspected one that had two trees close to the foundation and the roots from the trees got into the tile and plugged the system and water was intruding into the basement through the bottom of the foundation wall and the top of the footing onto the floor. Good thing it is an unfinished basement. What do you think the remedy for that is? And many times when the old clay tile are used, they collapse and plug the system.
Mike O’Keefe
A1 Home Inspectors
Ontario, Canada

Great to meet you, Mike.
Correct. A french drain is just another term for the proper term, weep tile.

Happy inspecting.
Keep well.

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“I have WORK repairing blocked perimeter drainage fields and weep tiles (lol)… for DECADES”.

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1:25 - 2:05 —>> Bubba’s thoughts on drain tiles errr, sleepy-WEEPY’s

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—Notice the EXTERIOR long horizontal crack

Those and some other exterior openings were why the stupid az basement leaked, not because of blocked, broken drain tiles errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr CREEPER–WEEPER’s

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Marcel. With all due respect. Mark appears to have no qualms about disrespecting other InterNACHI members that question his methods or allegations, as well as other water control contractors or even Inspectopidea.
I do agree I will not come to the thread as often but for goodness sake. If he could temper his course langue, remember More Is Less and be more succinct in this post might help improve his character.
Best regards.
Robert Young

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