This has to be wrong, right?

Duplex, one 200 amp service entrance, the other 100 amp.

Both service disconect bonded together. That can’t be right, right?

Oh by the way, yes on the 3rd and 4th pic. those are hanging live wires. I almost craped my pants when I saw that.

Are the split bolts on the GEC? The pics are too small to see any details.

the splice is actually on the gounding electrode conductor. The electrician bonded the second service disconect to it thinking that would provide correct grounding. What he did is he merged the first 200 amp service to the second 100 amp making this a dangerous situation imo.

If you click on those pics, won’t they open?

They open for me.

The live hanging wires is enough by itself to disclaim the system and refer it to a licensed electrican

No it is not dangerous and is required to be bonded to the GEC.

I understand that equipments need to be bonded.

So in that case, would’nt both service disconect require their own separate GEC?

What if one has to be turned off for electrical work in one of the appartment. Could’nt it still get energized via the second service entrance if there is an over-voltage surge comming from this one, could it?

Aluminum and copper under same lug is a No. Also lug appears to only be rated for One conductor.

Also, are there two separate meters, two separate sets of service entrance cables feeding individual service disconnects?

Yes, 2 meters. 2 distinct service entrances

How would a ground going to a rod energize a panel?

Are you sure that’s aluminum? Looks like old tinned copper from the insulation.

Those are not lugs. They are split bolts.

You can have one GEC system for two services.

I agree and taps to the GEC are not required to be irreversible so split bolts are permitted.

You’re correct it is tinned copper. I didn’t look close enough (blow up picture) first time.

Thanks for all your inputs guys, I’ll go to bed tonight a little brighter