This is a shocker

Update From The State Of Ohio

March 31st Public Hearing and Licensing Enforcement Date of July 1, 2020 has been cancelled.

The Ohio Department of Commerce has CANCELLED the public hearing on the rules that was previously scheduled for March 31st, and it has also formally Withdrawn the proposed rules from consideration before the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR).

The reason the Department is taking this step is because there is a specific time window within which a public hearing must be held after proposed rules are filed with JCARR, and since the Department cannot conduct a public hearing while the Governor’s Stay at Home order is in place, and it is uncertain right now when they may be able to hold such a hearing, withdrawing the rules to be refiled at a later date was the best of course of action available at this time.
This will likely delay the currently announced July 1st start date for licensing enforcement, we can expect to hear further communications from the Superintendent once the division has a better idea of how long the Stay at Home period is going to continue.

Imagine that.

One year of our three year licenses in the books with no license laws actually in effect. Maybe we’ll get a one year extension before we have to pay for our renewals…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’m sure that will happen Ryan!

Haha. I’m not betting on it, but one can dream!

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On one hand, its really messed up (the whole Ohio lack of SOP way to get new people licensed, etc), on the other hand maybe we can sweet talk the marketing group to create a Ohio Licensed - NACHI Certified logo or “Licensed first in Ohio - NACHI Certified”… What say you/us?

LOL, hit save and saw Ryan’s website. Perfect…

My website?

Oops, email domain ryan@ “firstinohio” .com
I didn’t pickup the email domain being different than the web domain.