This is what $3.9M buys!

and the AHJ gave it the thumbs up. 5’4" client asked if this was a “real” problem.

Only if you want to climb a ladder to actvate or when you go to resell.

Where’s the main disconnect?


at the 3rd panel

3 of 9 bedrooms had AFCI

why do we need to install 6 more?

An NBA thug must have had this home custom built !

Well it will keep the kids away.:oops: I’m sure the cabinets and carpet were nice though. :slight_smile:


Not sure if that’s a true statement but it took 3 builders to get it finished after 4 1/2 years of the first 2 getting fired and the battles that ensued.

Not quite finished to my satisfaction, among other things, just the tip of the iceberg.

The fact that the panel 3" too high according to code is not a deal breaker IMO. I would never fix that “violation”.

But…that does seem to be the most minor thing wrong among many according to the other pics. Unbelievable!!

Barry . . . did you say 3.9M-?-?-? . . . :shock:

Sí, sí señor $3,900,000.00 American greenbacks

This is chump change for my client his contract extension is over $125M

Keep it in perspective: when you have $1.25 do you cry over 4 cents

No, but I keep track of it…that is 3%.

You’re starting to talk like a realtor. :shock: :mrgreen:

Barry, which sport

Smart Realtor, if he keeps track of the little stuff.:mrgreen:

Agreed on that one…in fact only 2 1/2" too high…the center of the TOP handle of the upper most OCPD is all that is needed…so I would not fret on that one as Speedy mentioned…heck they could place a platform in front of the panel and remove that violation technically.

But I also agree…seems like many OTHER issues with this pricy home…as I always like looking at home I know I will never afford…must be NICKS house…lol

Wow, just think if you could get 1% inspection fee on that one! I know I’m just dreaming.


Sorry I missed this. Baseball


1/10 of 1%, still worked out just fine for 2 days :mrgreen:

I definitely would not complain about that, I was just having a dream. How long did it end up taking to do it? Bazebawl bin velly, velly guud to mee!

29.25 hrs including commutes, breaks, dinner, generating the report and depositing the check.

Way to go Barry! :smiley:


Thanx, made for a very long Fri.-Sat but mama let me rest up all day Sunday and even took me out for supper. :cool:

What a gal!

She knew I’d be back at it again Mon. taking her to the M.D. and booked the rest of this week.