This just appeared on the Broward county appraisers site

I can’t see it - I want to look - I can;'t open it!!!

They need to be approved. Depending on where in the state they need different wind ratings.

It looks like Lori got the message.

Good Job Lorie, thanks.

You can once again get the year built off of the Broward site.

I believe it was based on the tests which were conducted on the product.

you would think an uplift test would suffice for tile, no?

FMRC 4470, which is a test for impact, applies to tile roofs and is listed as an OR on question 2

Is Broward County really that stiff about code compliance??

The reason I ask is that - during the building boom - it was not at all uncommon for us to have a Code Officer literally drive up and ask " How’s it look?" and then drive off.
We had one home built in 2006 where the straps along the exterior 40-foot wall were cut off even with the block and No Body Caught it!

See - this is why it is SO important that inspection education be specific to the area we inspect in!! Up here in Hillsborough County - there is literally NO telling what you will find - Code be damned!
But I think its ridiculous for a Municipality or County to block public view of the Year built. They have legal disclosers that plainly state they are not official records – at least they have them up here.
But par for the course - 2/3 rds of the Wind Mit information we have to collect is purely for statistical use and has nothing to do with actual discounts for our clients – why not add one more " wall to climb" to our jobs. Its not like we get a pay check or anything – right??

It is un-blocked now and back almost like it was. I think they realized it was a mistake doing what they were doing. that is why I posted to this today to let all know it was good again.

Thank you Mike - but seriously - are they ***THAT ***tight on codes donw there?? That you have to be within months in your reports…of code compliance??

Yes Zoe, its a different animal down here. We have to verify stuff from 1994 on…Opening protection is a major issue in hvhz and everyone wants the top rating. It can be very challenging to document and verify the data.

I thought we had it bad here!!