This just appeared on the Broward county appraisers site

Because of misuse of the “Year Built” data by insurance companies, we no longer display this information on our website. To obtain this information, please use the below box to request the data for this property by email.

Yep I saw it today as well. It takes about 20 minutes for them to send you the useful date.

Now please tell me how the hell that is going to stop anyone from doing anything.

All they are doing is screwing with the people who need the info.

Guess what LORI come voting time you’re gone unless you fix this.

Wtf! Oh no you didnt

Send her packing. Rock the vote :roll:

Back to guessing? or what

It is stupid we just have to wait.
I sent you an email with a clip of it. Put your email address in and wait.
it does nothing to stop anything but sure waists 20 minutes of our time.

going to the meeting mike? your boy bill is coming

I am not sure it is worth not working and

the weekends are family time. :smiley:

I am sure the wisdom will be spread around here.

Sounds like a dedicated professional.

As always! :mrgreen:

Why cant Zillow be used for the built date. While it is not an exact website, it provides us with enough information to the year built.

It can be but it is not always 100% accurate. For the wind mits what happens if it lists it as 1994, but is really 1993?

Technically you need the permit application date. Not the permit issue date or the CO date. Most jurisdictions approve permits based on the date submitted(using the code of that date). Most will also do everything possible to approve permits before a change of codes. Therefore many homes were built in 2002 but permitted under the pre-2002 code.

Builders knew the change would cost them and submitted permits before they needed them. The subs always do not understand the new requirements and start to do the new requirements when the inspectors start to point it out. A home built in 2001, 2002 or 2003 can match either side of the code change very easily. Different trades on the same home may have even started following the codes at different times.

Maybe this is a stupid question…but why not verify that the ACTUAL code change was done instead of basing it on the permit application date ? I know it is required on the form…but doesn’t that make more sense ?

How do you verify a shingle meets the code? No labels and no way to identify it. Just one example.

ok…excuse my ignorance on this…but I am guessing that the permit application date isn’t 100% proof either based on what you already posted. Just asking.

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you are correct there is no way I know of to be 100% They decided to go by the date of March 1, 2002, the date of the code change.

All homes permitted on March 1 2002 and after have to meet the 2001 code. I don’t know how you would get 100% proof to prove that they do meet the 2001 code. There used to be a loophole where the builder could state that the building was being built too the partially enclosed design. This permitted them to exclude some of the hurricane requirements that were enforced at that time. The loophole was removed in 2007 I believe.

I can’t tell you how many consumers were harmed by this loophole. I have inspected many new homes where the client went with the lower bid not realizing that their home was being built to a weaker code.

Can I ask what code this is in reference too ? Is it a specific type of material the shingle needs to be made of ?