Thorough Home Inspector in Palm Bay FL

Palm Bay FL Home Inspector

Fogarty Inspection Services provides quality home inspections in Palm Bay FL and all of Brevard County. We also perform wind mitigation and insurance inspections.
With years of experience, our Palm Bay FL home inspections are the best you can get. No gimmicks or free give aways, Just an honest, comprehensive evaluation of your biggest investment.
If you need a home inspection or home inspector in Palm Bay FL give us a call. :smiley:

You didn’t! Did you? Did you finally fly south?

going this coming weekend. family already there. One more week here and I’m out. :smiley:
Just me and a cat holding down the fort here.

How many Wind Mitigation have you completed to date?

How long have you been inspecting in Florida.

Welcome and good Luck.

If you have nothing better to do, then why don’t you mind your own business.
Go be unprofessional somewhere else.

I am curious to your experience so I can send referrals your way.

Why all the hate?

Was there something offensive in my questions I missed?

Welcome to Florida Sean, glad to have you!

Welcome to the Sunshine State:D

Thanks to all, It’s good to be back.

Sean at Fogarty Inspection Services is a Certified Master Inspector, that should say enough.

Welcome back to Florida Sean. Florida is totally dominated by InterNACHI. Our Wind Mitigation course is approved, our continuing education is approved, our pre-licensing courses are approved, our pre-licensing proctored exam is approved, and even our online continuing education courses for real estate agents are approved.

I’m a licensed & insured Florida home inspector and mold assessor BTW.

Awesome I will send him referrals when I get calls about that area. I just do not understand why he responded like a prick when I was trying to get info to pass on good info to his perspective clients? Maybe that is just the type of guy he is?:roll:

Congrats on your move Sean and I wish you success in your new market.

Yea, right!

Maybe it’s just the *** hole **you **are…

Good luck Sean!

I was out in Oak Ridge most of last week.
We will try to hold down the fort without you! :wink:

Open forum guys.


Please do tell what I said wrong or even mean before I was attacked? good luck with this one hater.

You don’t have to speak.
Your History of past behavior is all he needs.

This thread is about that he is just about to move to Florida.
He was still in TN when he wrote it.

Did you miss that?
Do you not know him from his past posts, where he is from?
Do you not have access to his member profile?

Just what was it you were trying help him with by asking those questions?
When you refer another CMI in Florida, do you always provide their resume?
I though CMI’s were the cream of the crop, had background checks and all that?
Shouldn’t any INACHI member with CMI be able to inspect a Florida house (once they have their State License)? Or do you need a special decoder ring?

By the way, did I mention; “Fogarty Inspection Services” is more than qualified to perform any Residential / Commercial Inspections and Infrared Thermal Imaging in the State of Florida based upon his past experience and association with members of the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors (NACBI) who are truly there to help him out when needed?

Sean, don’t forget to send us your updated information so we can change our web links if needed (at least change of State).

Wrong again I wanted to pass along all his Florida experience to those who are in his area. What am I supposed to say. This guy just moved here and has never done a wind mit but use him. He have had a Florida license for months so I though he has been here doing work.

Thanks Dave:D
You should have called if you were in Oak Ridge.
I am slowly chipping away at the changes. There are quite a few.